Soldering and Desoldering


Hot air is used for soldering, desoldering and repair work in the hobby workshop as well as for recycling PC and mobile phone components.

With a hot air blower, electronic components are easily desoldered from circuit boards and metal parts simply heated and deformed without the use of a soldering iron. The hot air heats up the soldering joint, warms the solder and detaches the components. Without touching the individual components, they can be lifted off and removed with tweezers. Old computers and mobile phones are recycled and their components reused.

Soldering in electronics

LT-Loeten und Entloeten_Gap_AP_ 01.jpg

In electronics, components of Surface Mounted Devices (SMD) can be soldered with hot air directly onto a circuit board, i.e. a very flat circuit carrier. This is also known under the technical term Surface Mounted Technology (SMT). The components can of course be recycled at the end of their life cycle. The individual parts can be removed from the so-called motherboards with hot air.

Soldering on the roof

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Plumbing work on the roof is easily done with a hot air blower and the appropriate special nozzle. The roofing sheets are not physically changed in this process, but are connected with solder. Roof sheets, window ledges and rain gutters are soldered together and firmly connected.

With the soldering iron kit, the TRIAC AT can also be used for classic metal soldering of copper, zinc and chrome steel with solder.