Sterilization Procedures


Sterilization means the complete killing of microorganisms and bacteria. It is mainly used for equipment used in food processing, medicine and microbiology. Food is sterilized at temperatures above 100°C for preservation.

Sterilization with hot air

In contrast to sterilisation, pasteurisation of food takes place at a temperature below 100°C. Pasteurisation is mainly used to increase the shelf life of food because it kills micro-organisms. However, the food is not completely germ-free afterwards and must usually be stored in a refrigerated place.

In both cases the required temperatures can be achieved very well with hot air during the corresponding period. The precisely controlled air heaters and hot air blowers from Leister are suitable for reliable process control during sterilization and pasteurization. Their good integration capability makes them perfect for installation in sterilization and pasteurization systems and equipment.