Welding Tents


Party tents and festival tents have primarily been designed rectangularly.

In addition to the classic circus tent, pagoda tents and hexadomes are gaining popularity as well. Flexible tents for events are easy to transport and can be quickly erected and dismantled, no matter where. Because they are foldable, they are also easy to store. The roof and the side panels are made of tarpaulin material, the floor is made of wood, PVC or other heavy duty floor materials when needed. These tent constructions are erected at the destination and anchored with pegs or weighted stones. Tent windows can be made of PVC or even glass. Wind speeds of 80-100 km/h or 50-62 mph are taken into account as standard in the manufacture of large event tents. Whether beer festival or wedding - the tents protect the visitors and guests safely from nature’s harsh elements.

Welding tents

Welding perfect, tight seams is essential, especially for mobile tent construction. The tent variants, which are often made to customer specifications, should be durable and welded watertight.


Welding machines must be able to produce tents in various shapes in addition to the standard rectangular shape. Using the right design and tools, event tents are produced as the perfect setting for every event. Whether it is a cultural event in the city, a wedding in the forest or a corporate event held on company premises. Leister welding machines not only work efficiently, they also weld nearly every imaginable tent shape.