Welding Truck Tarpaulins

Truck tarpaulins and event tents have to withstand wind and weather. During production, the focus is on economic efficiency.

The material is generally made of durable PVC. In addition, the extremely resistant tarpaulin material is flame-retardant, robust and tear-resistant. Professionally processed, PVC truck tarpaulins are durable and weather resistant.

Welding truck tarpaulins

Every day, tons of goods are transported on the roads by truck and by large and small vans. Truck tarpaulins need to be practical, secure the load in an optimal way, and be customizable.

Transport companies often have different requirements for their truck flats, whether in terms of appearance or function. They are usually produced by hand. Depending on the vehicle equipment, standard soft top and side curtain systems, also known as side curtain, sliding tarpaulins, rolling tarpaulins and central tubular tarpaulins, are produced to enable the goods to be loaded, transported, and unloaded in the best possible way. The printing of the tarpaulin with the company logo or corresponding advertising completes the order. With welding machines and hot air blowers from Leister, commercial vehicles are optimally and efficiently equipped with suitable tarpaulins.

Securing a truck load

Truck tarpaulins can be cut open almost silently with a knife, allowing cargo to be stolen unnoticed by the driver, e.g. by the driver B. during rest periods.


However, if the truck tarpaulin is reinforced with so-called “anti-vandalism bands,” theft is much more difficult. Leister offers a suitable tape welding machine for reinforcing the truck tarpaulin with anti-vandalism tape. The investment is definitely worth it: According to TIS (the General Association of the German Insurance Industry), 10 to 15 billion euros worth of vehicles and cargo are stolen every year in Europe alone.