Welding Pipe and Hose Connectors


Hose connections or tube connectors can be firmly and tightly attached and sealed using laser technology.

Laser welding achieves a very good weld seam quality, which is particularly important when connecting joints to pipes and hoses. This technology is used in the automotive industry, for example. B. used in liquid-bearing systems which must be tightly welded for ultimate reliability. This welding technique is increasingly used in medical technology for similar connections. The rotationally symmetrical components are welded onto the circumference and an interference fit must be present at the overlap. Components with diameters ranging from a few millimeters to several centimeters can be welded effortlessly. Whether welding is carried out simultaneously using the radial welding process or with rotation welding in the contour process depends on the requirements on the components.

Laser welded fittings

Fittings are often used in common hose and pipe systems, allowing individual components to be connected with ease.


Fittings or connectors are made of plastic and are laser welded in many cases. Since the welding requirements depend on the component, Leister uses several optics to weld rotationally symmetrical components. Depending on the customer's requirements, the customer can choose between simultaneous, quasi-simultaneous and contour processes.