Vehicle Wrapping


No matter whether by car, bus, train, boat or plane: Wrapping makes repainting of the vehicle unnecessary, film is very flexible in design and the original paint remains protected. Hundreds of film colours in various finishes from matte to brushed, in carbon style or in lacquer gloss allow full customization.

Meanwhile there is printable film wrap available, which allows patterns, pictures and texts to be printed onto them. This is interesting when it comes to differentiating entire vehicle fleets, for example. Car wrapping is less expensive and offers more flexibility in design than painting. Besides vehicles, basically any three-dimensional shape that could be painted can be wrapped.

Car Wrapping

Car wrapping vehicles with the coolest, special-effect paint and tinting the car windows can be done professionally, efficiently and quickly with a heat gun. Furthermore, the color can be changed at any time and the original paint of the vehicle is preserved. This is helpful when it’s time to sell the vehicle.


Professional car wrapping delivers perfect results without bubbles or defects. Car wrapping costs 30-40% less than painting. In addition to private vehicles, it is also possible to wrap entire fleets of cars. The recognition of the brand or company increases if all their cars on the road are in the same color with the company logo and matching designs. Apart from a complete vehicle wrap, a heat gun also helps to place advertising perfectly on vehicles, especially on three-dimensional surfaces.

Aircraft Wrapping

Wrapping airplanes is reserved for professionals. For this application, large-area printed films are laid over the entire aircraft and shrunk in several steps to fit perfectly onto the aircraft.

While driving a car hardly causes any damage, if the film wrap came off, it would look completely different on an airplane: If an aircraft loses the entire film wrap at 9000 m / 29,527.56 ft. altitude, it would probably cause severe damage. In addition, the vinyl film on airplanes has to withstand large fluctuations in temperature: lots of heat on the ground and freezing cold high up in the air. It is important that the vinyl film can expand and shrink equally, so that it does not tear. Whether a jumbo jet or helicopter - the professional wraps everything.

Window Tinting

Window surfaces can be tinted with a multilayer polyester film, which can be used in many ways.


Films thus protect against UV light, bright light, heat and they provide more privacy. With a heat gun, the respective tinted film can be applied to the glass conveniently, precisely and without wrinkles, even with curved windows.