Welding Ventilation Hoses and Filters


Ventilation hoses made of PVC are used in mines, tunnels and workplaces with explosion risk.

In addition to the air supply, the hoses are also used for ventilation. For example, creating non-explosive and non-flammable mixture by diluting explosive methane gas or to remove dust after blasting. The use of Leister welding machines ensures leak-proof ventilation hoses that last a long time.

Welding tents: Heating and ventilation

Temporary party and event tents must also be heated and ventilated. Just like the tents, the laid heating pipes are not made of metal, but with flexible vinyl material. The hoses can be made in any length and diameter. They can also be used for heating or for drying buildings. When they are not needed, they can be folded and stored in a space-saving manner.

Repair hoses for the sewer system

The CIPP method (Cured-In-Place Lining for Pressure Pipes) can be used for the rehabilitation of existing pipelines. It is most commonly found in the wastewater, water, gas and chemical sectors with pipelines ranging from 0.1 m / 0.33 ft to just under 3 m / 9.84 ft. in diameter.

With the corresponding Leister welding machine, the hoses can be pre-fabricated before the so-called liners are inserted into the existing pipes. This procedure is more cost-effective, does not interfere with the environment as much as other rehabilitation methods and is suitable for repairing aging pipes.