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Particle-free joining

Innovative Leister laser plastic welding systems enable new manufacturing methods in automotive engineering, medical technology, sensor technology, electronics and microsystems technology. Each of our developments are considered state of the art.

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Automotive Industry

The percentage of plastics used in the automobile industry is constantly increasing. The aim of this is firstly to cut costs and secondly to reduce the weight. Many of these plastic components have to be joined together. The laser welding of plastics is a technique that has grown enormously within the automobile industry over recent years. Applications range from sensors for controlling various components, and tanks for oil, gasoline, or water, right through to interior or exterior uses.

Clean and hygienic
Medical and pharmaceutical industries

There are many different areas of medical engineering that involve the use of plastics. Laser plastic welding has been an established part of certain applications for years. The medical devices market is a prime example of an area where products containing laser-welded components have been introduced. Microfluidics and chips for analytics are particularly worthy of mention in this regard. In many applications, these kinds of components also take the form of disposables, which can be found in various areas of medical engineering. Other products or devices have assemblies welded onto them. These usually have to be joined in such a way that they are sealed off tightly from the environment. Frequent application areas for medical engineering products include doctor's offices and hospitals. Consequently, the area of hospital care involves a large number of products that are partially made of plastic and are also laser welded.

Durable and robust
Electronics Industry

Electronic components are used in many areas of modern life. Most of these components consist of assemblies that are protected from the environment by their enclosures. For example, delicate sensors have a screen to prevent breakage. Other electronic components are protected against splash water and similar threats by placing them inside a housing. The sensitive electronics used in many valves are protected against impacts by a plastic case. This is often tested by carrying out a fall or drop test.

Flexible and reliable
Textile Industry

The area of technical textiles covers a huge range of applications, from woven fabrics, laid scrims, and nonwoven fabrics to felt and their associated uses. Typical application areas for large-area technical textiles can be found in the paper industry. Other fields include filter materials or membranes. Technical textiles are also used by the clothing industry. They are often utilized in outdoor clothing and for personal protection.

Increase economic efficiency
Producting goods

In some sectors, plastic processing companies are called upon to manufacture entire assemblies. They are responsible for everything, from forming, joining, and assembly right through to delivery. This is where laser welding makes an important contribution to increasing the throughput and thus the efficiency in production lines.