Clamping Devices

In addition to the process parameters of laser power, speed and rotations, the contact in the joining plane is decisive for a successful weld.

The contact is required to transfer heat from the absorbing to the transparent component and is applied via a clamping device (SPV).

Two different sizes are available in the NOVOLAS WS-AT:

  • SPV 150 V2
  • SPV 250 V2

The clamping devices can be custom designed, depending on the application.

A component holder is attached to the drawer via positioning pins, while the counterpart is mounted in the pull-out clamping frame. Depending on the application, a decision is made between a clamping glass or a clamping frame:

  • The clamping glass is used to press directly over the weld seam. Therefore, the force is directed optimally onto the joining plane.
  • If there is a risk of excessive surface heating during the welding process, clamping with a metal frame is also possible. This then starts next to the weld seam and introduces the force offset to the weld seam. A distinction is made here between the outer and inner clamping frame. Both are possible, as is the combination of the two.