At High Speed Through the Heart of Europe

Success Stories1 Jun 2016

As of today, the European high-speed rail network is one tunnel richer: The Gotthard base tunnel is with 57 km / 35 mi the longest railway tunnel in the world. For the technical challenge of welding over 1,000 km / 621 mi of seams in this tunnel, Leister equipment was used.

Author: Thomas Furrer, Head of Business Line GEO, Leister Switzerland

The north-south axis can provide more transport capacity with shorter travel times. It guarantees the sustainable management of mobility with increased flows of traffic. The highest quality standards were required for both the material and the processing.

The waterproof membranes from Sika and Leisters automatic and manual welding machines have proven themselves even under extreme external conditions in the tunnel. After all, the waterproofing system must still be able to fulfil its purpose in 100 years' time. We are proud to have contributed our share to this project of the century, the NEAT, and are pleased to see that the great effort has paid off.

Success Story: Gotthard Base Tunnel with help from Leister