Design Meets Experience: TRIAC AT from Leister

Product Stories6 Jul 2020

The TRIAC AT from Leister is a good companion for all those who weld and process plastic with the handy, practical heat gun. It is a versatile tool with numerous applications in various areas. Here are just a few examples:

Author: Silke Landtwing, Manager Corporate Communications, Leister Switzerland

  • Welding plastic membranes on flat and pitched roofs 
  • Welding plastic flooring
  • Sealing of water reservoirs and welding geomembranes in underground engineering 
  • Plastic welding in container construction
  • Car wrapping  
  • Color and paint removal and adhesive activation
  • Shrink cables and packaging films
  • Molding and fitting plastics, e. g. molding prosthetics in the medical industry 
  • Smoothing and stretching sensitive materials, including leather, synthetic leather and plastic coatings, e. g. vehicle interiors in the automotive sector
  • Welding plastic protective coverings, tarpaulins and advertising banners

And the list goes on and on. In short: You need the TRIAC AT wherever plastic is heated, shrunk, molded and welded together.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss all the features of your leister heat gun. If you still haven’t purchased your TRIAC AT, then it’s about time.

Three words that describe the TRIAC AT perfectly: handy, robust, dependable. Of course, it’s also practical, versatile, lightweight, ergonomic, digital, economical, environmentally friendly, powerful, suitable for construction sites, safe and so forth. In other words, the perfect heat gun for long lasting indoor and outdoor work on all types of job sites and in various industries.

Lightweight with soft touch handle

Everyone who has worked with the TRIAC AT for long periods appreciate its light weight of less than a kilo and its ergonomic, soft-touch handle. It’s a perfect fit in your hand and makes working for long periods easy.

Key lock with e-drive knob

You may already be familiar with this in other heat guns: Just set the ideal work parameters on the heat gun (temperature and air volume) and it is ready to go. If you accidentally move a knob and everything has been reset incorrectly, it can be annoying and waste time. To ensure that this doesn’t happen to you, your TRIAC AT comes with a key lock. After the settings have been made, simply activate the key lock with the e-drive knob and nothing will get interrupted.

Voltage control


The quality of your weld not only depends on you mastering your skills, but also your material, environment and voltage. To ensure control while working, your TRIAC AT indicates the current mains voltage at the press of a button on the display. You can also see this in this video.

Actively cooled protective tube for increased safety while working


A heat gun, as the name suggests, can get very hot. Your TRIAC AT generates heat with temperatures rising up to 620 °C / 1148 °F, which is enough to burn yourself. To make sure this doesn’t happen, it comes with an actively cooled protection tube to prevent any burns while working.

Robust air filter


The TRIAC AT has two air filters. These are required for optimum air supply and maximum power. The air filters also protect your TRIAC AT from humidity, dust and dirt. Every now and then it’s your job to clean both of these filters. This requires no great effort because they are easily removed and cleaned.

Eco mode


Are environmentally friendly and low-energy tools and machines important for you? They are for us as well. This is why the TRIAC AT is now equipped with the energy-saving, ECO mode. If you happen to have a SOLANO AT, then you know this already. The ECO mode on the TRIAC AT also works using a sensor that knows when you are taking a break from working. If you put your TRIAC AT down, then this sensor switches to ECO mode and uses 40% less energy. The time delay until the TRIAC AT goes into eco mode is 5 to 60 seconds. When you no longer need to use the TRIAC AT, it turns off completely in a period that can be selected anywhere from a minute to an hour. You can easily configure this time yourself to suit your own requirements. How does this work? Watch this video to find out.

Pay attention! If ECO mode is always activated on your TRIAC AT, then there is also another major benefit: Your TRIAC AT virtually lives forever. OK, we mustn’t exaggerate, but the already long life of the TRIAC AT increases by up to 10% when ECO mode is on.

New accessory for the TRIAC AT (coming soon)

You will soon be able to solder with your TRIAC AT (expected end of August). That is particularly good news for all roofers who also enjoy sheet-metal work. More on this in our next blog post. We’ll post on Facebook and LinkedIn when it’s ready.