Floor laying? UNIFLOOR 500 from Leister

Product Stories26 Jan 2021

For the new UNIFLOOR 500 from Leister the name says it all. The practical automatic floor welding machine is suitable for sealing joints in both synthetic and natural floor coverings. Would you like to know how the universal floor laying genius from Leister makes floor laying easier for you? This and much more can be found in this blog post.

Author: Silke Landtwing, Manager Corporate Communications, Leister Switzerland

UNIFLOOR 500 continues the success story of the UNIFLOOR S/E

Take all the advantages of the globally popular UNIFLOOR S and UNIFLOOR E, add a dash of innovation, another dose of technology, helpful insights from customer feedback and, last but not least, a pack of intuition. This is roughly how you have to imagine the development of the UNIFLOOR 500. Silvan Horand, Product Manager at Leister, puts this message in a less casual way: "The innovative UNIFLOOR 500 automatic floor welding machine from Leister has an automatically swivelling hot air blower, is quiet, easy to transport and designed to revolutionize the floor market." And he knows what he is talking about, because he has accompanied the development of the UNIFLOOR 500 from A–Z. Read on. Then find out what makes Silvan proud and why you want a UNIFLOOR 500.

Hot air blower swings in and out automatically

Your new UNIFLOOR 500 will inspire you when welding the joints in resilient floor coverings made of synthetic materials such as PVC, CV, PUR, antistatic ESD floors as well as for closing the joints in natural coverings made of linoleum and rubber. You will not only like it because of its design, but it also makes your work easier and safer. Why? The answer is: Automatic Nozzle Positioning - ANP for short. Thanks to ANP, the hot-air blower of the UNIFLOOR 500 swings in and out automatically at the push of the start button.

And if the UNIFLOOR 500 touches an obstacle when closing the joint, for example a wall, it notices this and automatically swivels the hot air blower out for safety reasons. This makes it almost impossible for his hot air blower to burn the floor covering.

Easy to transport and intuitive to use

When designing the UNIFLOOR 500, the focus was not only on technical requirements but also on high user-friendliness. Easy transport and effortless working were the main focus.

That is why the automatic welding machine has a guide rod and smooth-running transport wheels, allowing it to be easily moved from joint to joint. When you perform your next installation of elastic and antistatic floor coverings in larger construction projects such as public facilities, e.g. kindergartens, schools and hospitals, you will be pleased. UNIFLOOR 500 is also a pleasure to work with when laying particularly hard-wearing and large industrial floors.

Durable and Quiet

If you already have other automatic welding machines, extrusion welders and heat guns from Leister, then you're already aware of their long service life. Of course, the new UNIFLOOR 500 also has a brushless drive and blower motor, which makes it particularly durable and quiet. When the hot air blower is in the resting position, the air volume of the hot air blower is automatically reduced, which lowers the noise emission to barely audible. In concrete terms, this means that you can listen to music while you work, talk to your colleagues on the job site, etc. without worrying about the automatic welder being too loud. But how does the hot air unit know that the UNIFLOOR 500 is in the rest position? More about this in the next section.

Less Energy Consumption Thanks to ECO Mode

When you take a longer break while working, your UNIFLOOR 500 goes into ECO Mode, which significantly reduces your energy consumption on the job site. You may already be familiar with this from other Leister devices such as the SOLANO AT and the TRIAC AT. The UNIFLOOR 500s ECO mode works without a motion sensor and is therefore a bit different, however, the result is the same. For example, if you do not need the UNIFLOOR 500 for roughly 10 minutes during your breakfast break, it will lower the air temperature to 350 °C / 662 °F in ECO mode. This protects the environment and the tools heating element. As soon as you finish your break and start your UNIFLOOR 500 again, it raises the temperature from 350°C / 662 °F back to the temperature you set within one to two minutes. Now you can show off a bit with your new UNIFLOOR 500 and we'll tell you something else: When it comes to floor installations, both its quiet operation and the ECO mode are unique and make your new UNIFLOOR 500 a superstar in the flooring industry.

Welding parameters can be easily read and set via display

Temperature, speed and air volume are the three adjustable welding parameters that you have under control when installing the floor. To do this, simply take a look at the UNIFLOOR 500 display and set the parameters directly as you need them or as recommended by the material manufacturer.

Different welding rod diameters and easy insertion of the welding rod

Different welding rod diameters such as 5 mm / 0.2 in, 4 mm / 0.16 in and 3 mm / 0.12 in were also taken into account in the development of this automatic welding machine. So when you change from a thinner to a thicker welding rod when laying the floor, you simply adjust the contact pressure of the pressure roller with an adjusting screw.

Have you found the insertion of the welding rod difficult or awkward? With the UNIFLOOR 500 this is quite simple: Fold up the pressure roller, put the welding rod in, fold down the pressure roller and continue with the joint closing.

Simple reduction of the preheating air for grouting natural coverings

As floor professionals, you know: If you want to joint natural linoleum or rubber flooring, you must reduce the preheating air that heats the welding rod. This is because not every welding rod can tolerate the same amount of preheated air to be processed.

To make it easier for you to change from synthetic to natural flooring, you will find a flap on the pressure roller of your UNIFLOOR 500. By closing this flap you can reduce the preheating air in no time at all if you are grouting natural linoleum or rubber flooring. Afterwards, to weld synthetic coverings again, simply reopen the flap.

New holder for welding rod rolls

Simply attach the new holder for the welding rod rolls to your UNIFLOOR 500 with a screw. Afterwards you can optimally position on the holder all common welding rod rolls or spools on the market. The welding rod unrolls without resistance during jointing.

Side cutters for cutting the welding rod always included

Our engineers always have your wishes and needs in mind. Or have you never forgotten the side cutter for cutting the welding rod? Exactly. This is precisely why it is now integrated directly into the transport axis of the UNIFLOOR 500.

All these advantages make your UNIFLOOR 500 a practical automatic welding machine that is ideal for expertly laying and welding the joints of elastic floors made of plastic and natural materials as well as antistatic plastic floors. In addition, you can seal the joints in the respective coverings waterproof, germ-free, fast and effective, depending on the requirements.

Your most important advantages once again in brief

  • Independent nozzle engagement, turning it in and out by pressing the start button
  • Nozzle automatically turns out upon contact with walls for more safety
  • Quiet while welding, nearly silent while resting
  • ECO Mode for reduced energy consumption
  • Easy to transport thanks to the guide rod and smooth transport wheels
  • Welding rod spool holder enables the welding rod to dispense with ease
  • Clear, digital display
  • Welding rods with varying thickness can be used
  • Welding rod can be inserted with ease
  • Long lifespan, thanks to its brushless drive and blower motor
  • Integrated side cutter to cut out the welding rod