New MAXI Laser Welding System for Large Plastic Components

Product Stories6 Aug 2021

The Leister Technologies AG, launched the new MAXI laser welding system to market in August 2021. MAXI is modular and designed to laser weld large plastic components. In addition, the laser welding system can be integrated into industrial processes and production lines, and configured to customer specifications.

Author: Silke Landtwing, Corporate Communication Manager, Leister Switzerland

Different variants for individual customer requirements

The new MAXI laser welding system from Leister can be used universally to laser weld large components. For example, welding headlights and bumpers in the automotive industry. The laser welding system can also be used to weld waterproof, outdoor clothing in the textile industry.

Its modular design allows it to be adapted to individual customer requirements. For example, the interior space on the laser welding system can be expanded with housing attachments. Furthermore, in addition to the drawer version, MAXI is available with a rotary indexing table or for transfer belt applications, which increases throughput when used.

As an alternative to the version with servo axes, the laser welding system can be equipped with a six-axis robot. This, in combination with the Leister-Globo optics, significantly increases the flexibility with regard to contour welding.

Extensive options

The MAXI laser welding system from Leister contains all the components required for the process and enables easy integration with various laser optics, clamping devices, motion systems, etc. The MAXI laser welding system is rounded off by a comprehensive range of options, allowing a laser welding system to be put together that is tailored to customer-specific applications and processes.

The tried and tested HMI (Human Machine Interface) control software on the NOVOLAS™ WS-AT provides a user-friendly way of adjusting the parameters of the welding process. In addition, the software has been extended to display a 3-D contour for the operation of the optional robot. Users are guided intuitively through the work steps and can adapt the welding parameters to the respective process. Robotics expertise is not required for this.

Online process control with integrated evaluation

The control system also features integrated, online process monitoring that has a good-bad evaluation system and can be utilized when operating applicable modules.

In order to adapt the laser welding system to the production line, MAXI can be integrated into different transfer systems. Leister also offers adaptations specific to individual customers upon request.

The most important advantages of the MAXI laser welding system at a glance

  • Laser welding large plastic components in various industries
  • Customer-specific solutions
  • Increased throughput also available with rotary indexing table and for transfer belt applications
  • Software prepared for optional robot integration, among other things
  • No specialist knowledge is required to operate the robot
  • Online control with a "good-bad" part evaluation
  • Can be integrated into processes and production lines
  • High throughput for more efficiency

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