The Hercules from Leister – WELDPLAST 600

Product Stories1 Feb 2022

The WELDPLAST 600 is the Hercules of extrusion welders. Why Hercules? You can find out why equipment and container manufacturers are celebrating the new, extremely strong Leister extruder in this blog post.

Author: Silke Landtwing, Manager of Corporate Communications, Leister Switzerland

Powerful, durable, flexible– WELDPLAST 600

The blue eyes of our product manager Reto Britschgis shine even bluer when he presents to us Hercules, the WELDPLAST 600, in an internal meeting. There is so much enthusiasm. We from Marketing were also very keen on welding a round with the WELDPLAST 600. And it worked like clockwork even for us pencil acrobats. And no wonder – The new Leister extruder can be controlled and operated with one hand. Job missed? Nope. We will still leave extrusion welding in apparatus and container construction to the professionals and instead will think about campaigns that are important, crisp texts, and funny names. For example, Hercules. Why Hercules? Read on.

6 kg (13.2 lbs) output

Of course, we know that numbers in texts are only written as numbers from 13 on. We make an exception for the WELDPLAST 600. 6 kg (13.2 lbs) output simply has more power. And because we are currently on the topic: The WELDPLAST 600 is the most powerful hand extruder from Leister. For this reason, Hercules. Apart from that, the new hand extruder scores with numerous advantages in apparatus and container construction. It continues in the text.

Flexible and agile

The two-sided wire feed of the extruder makes welding tanks, electroplating containers, water reservoirs, fish farming basins and other large plastic objects made of polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP) more flexible. Your WELDPLAST 600 can simply be with you when you change direction.

The WELDPLAST 600 also has two handles: one at the back of the housing, from which you can conveniently adjust and control the extruder with one hand. And an individually adjustable side handle. A useful feature for more maneuverability due to different handle positions for different applications and different needs of left-handed or right-handed people.

The innovative position of the cable routing under the housing of the WELDPLAST 600 is also impressive. In addition to flexibility and maneuverability, it guarantees obstacle-free welding and has a relieving effect.

Durable, low-maintenance and quiet

Long-lasting and low-maintenance – who doesn’t want this from their work equipment? That is why the WELDPLAST 600 has both a brushless blower motor and brushless drive motor. Apart from that, there is still a good message for all those who only moderately rely on the extruder sound: Thanks to the brushless motors, your WELDPLAST 600 is nice and quiet for plastic welding.

Integration into semi-automated and collaborative work processes

Don’t want long-lasting or repetitive extruder welding work? Then simply delegate it to your WELDPLAST 600. Thanks to the mechanical and electronic interfaces of the extruder, you can integrate it into semi-automated work processes and control it remotely or mount it directly on a robot.

Bright LED work light

Welding in poorly illuminated surroundings is part of your everyday work routine? That’s why you also need a WELDPLAST 600. Its powerful LED working light illuminates every welding zone – even if it is dark.

And the LED light can do even more: It indicates with its lamps that your WELDPLAST 600 is ready for operation after startup.

Proof of quality based on documented welding parameters with LQS and myLeister app

As everywhere, you will also be confronted with increasing quality requirements in apparatus and container construction. Your WELDPLAST 600 is equipped with the Leister Quality System, or LQS for short, so that you can keep up with it. Via the myLeister app, the welding parameters can be clearly documented automatically in a log while extrusion welding. This is an advantage for you, and your customers are sure to be thrilled. This is an advantage for users, as it gives them proof of the quality of the work they have carried out.

Power management helps with undervoltage

You are sure to have already dealt with low voltage on the construction site. We can't avoid it altogether, but we can cushion it. The Leister solution is called “intelligent power management”. Thanks to power management, your WELDPLAST 600 welds reliably even at an undervoltage of up to 20 percent, but reduces output. If the voltage drops further, the extruder reports this to you via the display.

Save energy in Eco Mode

If you work differently in between times and treat your WELDPLAST 600 to a break, it will switch to Eco mode if you enable it. So you save up to 40 percent energy.

WELDPLAST 600 – high performance in apparatus and container construction

For all start and end readers: here again are the most important advantages of the WELDPLAST 600 handheld extruder in brief:

  • Efficient and powerful thanks to 6 kg (13.2 lbs) output
  • Double-sided wire intake for more flexibility when welding
  • One-hand operation
  • Individually adjustable side handle for different handle positions
  • New position of the cable conduit under the housing for obstruction-free work and for relief
  • Quiet, durable and low-maintenance thanks to brushless drive and blower motors
  • Mechanical interfaces for easy integration into semi-automated and collaborative work processes
  • Digital interface for remote control
  • Bright LED light for optimum lighting conditions and reliable plastic welding
  • Data recording of welding parameters with the Leister Quality System (LQS)
  • Intelligent power management for low energy consumption and readiness for use in case of undervoltage
  • Eco Mode saves up to 40% energy

Would you like to test or buy the WELDPLAST 600 right away? Then get started with your local Leister sales partner.

And if you need advice on extrusion welding in apparatus and container construction, our extruder expert Reto Britschgi is there for you.

WELDPLAST 605 – the counterpart to extrusion welding in underground engineering


As mentioned at the beginning, the WELDPLAST 600 is designed for applications in apparatus and container construction. If you need a powerful extruder for underground engineering, we recommend the WELDPLAST 605, which was specifically designed for this purpose.

Story of WELDPLAST 605