Leister Insight3 Mar 2022

Challenging times require unconventional solutions in material logistics and production. A supply bottleneck for cables for the TRIAC ST hot air blower caused a production backlog. This was cleared within a week thanks to the high flexibility and helpfulness of the Leister personnel. 

Author: Gregor Studer, Manager Marketing Services, Leister Switzerland

Monday morning 7:00 a.m.: Shift start in the "Assembly Handtools" department of Leister Technologies AG in Sarnen (OW). Five highly motivated engineers have merged with the familiar faces of the workforce. Christine Baumann, Urs Schmid, Severin Ryser, André Wyrsch and Roger Bürgler have exchanged their familiar working environment behind the desk at the monitor for a special assignment in the production facility. 

Their job: to support their colleagues in the production of the TRIAC ST hot-air blowers. After all, these are supposed to arrive on time to a worldwide customer base. After a short round of introductions and instructions, everyone gets to work. There is a lot to do: By the evening, more than 600 TRIAC STs have to be assembled, tested, packed and made ready for delivery to the shipping company worldwide.

Supply bottlenecks due to Corona pandemic

Global supply bottlenecks due to the Corona pandemic have resulted in some parts being delayed or not delivered. The worldwide supply chains have come to a standstill and require a high degree of flexibility from the companies. At Leister Technologies AG, management is responding to this situation with special measures, including a special task force. This task force reassesses the situation twice a week and takes the appropriate measures to ensure that operations continue to run smoothly. In the case of the TRIAC ST hot air blower described above, the delivery of the power cord was delayed. As a result, the assembly of the hot air blowers in demand came to a standstill and the production volume could not be processed in the planned time.

Goal achieved

Monday evening 5:00 p.m.: Another productive day at the Leister transfer line is coming to an end. For all colleagues involved, the collaboration was enriching with exciting insights and interesting exchanges. The engineers demonstrated their manual skills and the production employees were very happy about the quick support. Christoph Baumgartner, General Manager of Leister Technologies AG, is proud of the great team spirit and helpfulness of the Leister workforce: "You have all worked hard for our worldwide customers and ensured that our TRIAC ST was delivered on time. I thank you very much for your flexibility and your great commitment."