Gas Independence – is it Possible?

Leister Insight13 May 2022

Given that gas plants produce 23.2% of the electricity needed worldwide (source: Statista 2022), gas independence is no easy feat. In many industries, gas is used to generate heat and there are still too  few alternatives. For example, let's think of the glass manufacturing industry.

Author: Silke Landtwing, Corporate Communication Manager, Leister AG

In order to melt glass out of quartz sand, 1,500 °C is required even with the addition of sodium carbonate (soda). This high temperature is generated with gas. Nevertheless, many natural gas processes can already be converted to electric heat generation. For example, to efficient and sustainable hot air systems with special nozzles and heat recycling or infrared systems from Leister. But there is still one downside: Here, too, gas independence only works if the electricity to run the hot air and infrared systems comes from renewable energy sources. Despite that, the reduction of gas consumption is one of many important steps in the fight against climate change on our planet.

Coffee Roasting with Hot Air Instead of Gas

The globally active roasting machine manufacturer PROBAT, in cooperation with Leister, has replaced the existing gas heater on the P05 Drum Roaster with a electric heater from Leister. In addition, the control of the heating system was modified, and the process optimized.

Coffee roasting? With a Leister air heater, of course.

Podcast “Gas Independent”

We have just published a podcast in German entitled "Gasunabhängig". In it, we actively explore various ways to reduce gas consumption. Want to learn more? Listen to the podcast now. You can find it on Spotify and wherever you listen to your podcasts to.

Leister Relies on Sustainable Electricity

Since January 2022, the Leister Group has been fully relying on renewable energies in the power supply of its three sites in the canton of Obwalden. Since 1998, Leister has been pursuing a climate-friendly construction concept for its buildings in Kaegiswil and Sarnen.

Responsibility for our Environment

The entrepreneurial mindset of the Leister Group is geared towards sustainability and the preservation of our environment. We are aware of our responsibility. Devices with a long service life and the use of renewable energies are our primary focus. And we are continuously working on environmental and climate-friendly solutions.

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