Perfectly Equipped with Leister Accessories

Product Insights

In addition to high-quality welding equipment, you will also find the right accessories at Leister. The range includes many different nozzles, hand pressure rollers, welding wire and much more. It's best to equip yourself with the right Leister original accessories for your next project today.

Authors: Lukas Ineichen, Product Manager Accessories und Gregor Studer, Manager Marketing Services

Our original accessory spare part are made to high Leister quality standards. So they fit perfectly and support you with your work. The full Leister original accessories range meets all high performance and safety standards.

Leister original spare parts are the best choice for the performance of your welding device. The full range includes over 1000 different accessory parts. What’s more, they are available for quick delivery thanks to eight Leister national subsidiaries and 130 Leister sales and service partners worldwide.


Lukas Ineichen, Product Manager of Accessories, offers advice on the right Leister accessory you need in your toolbox.

10 must-haves for your next plastic welding project.

Utility Scissors

The special serrated edge cuts through even hard plastic easily and cleanly.

Cable roll

The wide cable diameter ensures constant power supply, guaranteeing optimum quality when working with plastics.

Blade sharpener

No more blunt blades – the perfect solution for sharpening and grinding all knives and scissors on the go.

Utility Knife

The blade’s hooked shape cuts the plastic liner only and does not damage the underlying floor.

Wide slot nozzle

The versatile 40 mm wide nozzle is used by crafts people around the world in various specialist disciplines for accurate precision work.

Tubular nozzle

The narrow outlet enables precision heating when welding and can also be used as an adapter for attaching speed welding nozzles.

Cylinder brush

The brush can be guided with a finger through the eyelet on its rear part, which makes cleaning the nozzles particularly easy.

Hand pressure roller

Use the tough pressure roller to press plastic sheets together when overlap welding and ensure secure welding seams.

Overlap nozzle with scraper

Dye and adhesive residues can be removed quickly and easily with the scraper attached to the nozzle.

Burn protection

The easily attachable protective basket prevents direct contact with the heating tube of the SOLANO AT heat gun, which can reach temperature...