UNIPLAN 500 from Leister – Easy Tarpaulin Welding

Product Stories5 Sept 2022

Why easy tarpaulin welding? Because with the UNIPLAN 500 automatic welder from Leister, you can weld particularly easily; in a user-friendly and intuitive manner. In this blog post, we share the five most important advantages of the UNIPLAN 500 when it comes to overlap welding on truck tarpaulins, advertising banners and tents.

Author: Silke Landtwing, Corporate Communications Manager, Leister AG

5 benefits of the UNIPLAN 500 at a glance

#1 Easy to operate

The welders are equipped with a device which lifts up the material to be welded, so there is no need for you to fold the tarpaulins prior to welding. The subsequent swiveling-in of the nozzle is semi-automatic for additional convenience for the user and process safety. The nozzle is lowered and retracted in a single, controlled movement. Through these job aids, experienced users and novices alike work effortlessly and safely with the UNIPLAN 500, because this significantly minimizes the risk of burns.


#2 Manually adjustable swivel castor wheel

Troublesome snagging on obstacles such as eyelets, rivets or tensioning hooks is no longer a problem when using the UNIPLAN 500 for overlap welding. If something gets in your way, simply move the UNIPLAN 500 swivel castor wheel by hand and avoid the obstacle.

#3 Smooth changes

On the UNIPLAN 500 welder, users can change from overlap welding to hem or pipe welding in one easy step using a handle and without needing any tools.

#4 Maintenance-free and higher welding performance

The Hot Air Blower - Air Heater on the UNIPLAN 500 is brushless and therefore maintenance-free. Thanks to its powerful blower motor, the UNIPLAN 500 achieves a significantly higher welding performance than conventional automatic welding machines. The maximum speed of the automatic welder is an impressive 16 meters per minute (52.5 ft/min).

#5 Intuitive operation via display

You operate the UNIPLAN 500 with ease via an intuitively designed display. Set and save material-specific parameters for identical work quickly. This saves you time for future projects.

UNIPLAN 500 in operation