Leister Becomes Partner of the New Battery Alliance AMPShare

Leister Insight22 Sept 2022

Leister, Bosch and other power tool manufacturers will rely on the uniform AMPShare battery platform in the future. 

Author: Gregor Studer, Manager Marketing Services, Leister Switzerland


  • Leister will be part of the global AMPShare alliance powered by Bosch.
  • One battery for different tools from different manufacturers: Professionals work flexibly, cost-effectively and sustainably with power tools from the AMPShare battery platform.
  • The development of battery-powered Leister products has already been initiated. Updates on this will follow in the coming months.


Many Brands. Many Tools. One Battery System.

Leister becomes a partner of the Professional 18V system AMPShare powered by Bosch. Within this platform, a single battery can be conveniently used with all tools from different brands. "With AMPShare we are convinced that we are relying on the right battery platform." says Andreas Ziegler, who is responsible for partnering. Offering simple and effective solutions, as well as a wide range of application options for our global customers, are central intentions for both Leister and Bosch. Especially when it comes to batteries, users prefer open systems, i.e. one battery for several professional power tools, even across manufacturers. This becomes reality with the global AMPShare alliance.


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