Modular Laser Welding System from Leister

Product Stories19 Oct 2022

BASIC M from Leister is a modular system for laser welding of plastics. With its variable integration depth, Leister thus offers you customized solutions for your innovative and individual production methods.

Author: Gregor Studer, Manager Marketing Services, Leister Technologies AG, Switzerland

You work in an industrial production with plastics and are responsible for the production process? Then you are certainly familiar with this situation: When designing a new product, you discover that some parts cannot be welded optimally. And the manufacturer of the final product requests an improvement. To achieve this, parts of your planned production chain have to be redesigned for laser welding. But prefabricated solutions are often not optimized for customization and for integration. What's more, you're paying for costly components that you don't actually need. Now the good news: Leister offers you the right solution with the modular BASIC S/M/L series. Learn more in the explanatory video.

Mastering Individual Challenges with BASIC M from Leister

At Leister, we focus on your individual product requirements. That is why we have developed the innovative BASIC M system for laser welding with various integration levels. BASIC M is based on the modular principle. The Leister laser welding system includes numerous functional units for plastic welding. The Main Unit, together with the Laser Unit and the process optics, forms the basic configuration. All BASIC M systems are equipped with an IPC and a safety and are prepared for integration. Additional units cover further sub-processes relevant to the welding process, such as motion, clamping and quality control. After in-depth consultation and product testing, we put together the optimum components for you individually. With increasing integration, we even assume complete process responsibility for you.


Higher-Level Software Controls All Units

Und noch eine gute Nachricht für Sie: Unabhängig von der Systemkonfiguration werden alle Ihre Geräte über eine Software gesteuert. Denn diese bildet sämtliche Prozesse ab. Von der Produktion eines Werkstücks bis hin zu einer chaotischen Produktion beliebig vieler Werkstücke.

And there's more good news for you: Regardless of the system configuration, all your devices are controlled by one software. Because this software maps all processes. From the production of one workpiece to a chaotic production of any number of workpieces.


Professionally Accompanied by Your Leister Specialists

Let's find out together how the BASIC M laser welding system optimizes the welding processes for your products. Leister specialists will accompany you throughout the entire project. From planning, through implementation of the welding process, to integration of the system. For more detailed information, please contact your Leister specialist right away.

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The Most Important Advantages of The Leister BASIC M Laser System in A Nutshell:

  • modular laser system
  • variable integration depth
  • easy to integrate into production lines
  • expansion stage determines process responsibility
  • developed for various laser welding concepts
  • flexible process procedure
  • chaotic production possible
  • compatible with various laser sources
  • one software for all functional units
  • multiple lasers can be used in one system