Permanently leakproof roof with the Leister assurance of quality

Product Stories18 Oct 2022

To ensure that you achieve the high standards to which you are entitled when sealing flat roofs, UNIROOF 700 with the integrated Leister Quality System (LQS Roofing) is there to support you. This two-stage quality assurance system defines new standards and assures perfectly sealed joint seams for a permanently leak-tight roof.

Authors: Roland Beeler, Head of Business PRF and Gregor Studer, Manager Marketing Services, Leister Technologies AG, Switzerland

Versatile requirements for a flat roof

The first thing we probably all think is that the roof over our heads must be impervious in the first place. Of course, but it also has to fulfill other requirements. For example, greenery on flat roofs supports biodiversity and has a cooling effect in summer under strong sunlight. If exposed roof surfaces are equipped with solar cells, these convert the sun's rays directly and emission-free into electricity through photovoltaics. And when it rains, the flat roof catches large quantities of water (retention) and relieves the local sewage system through anticyclical drainage.

Both you and your clients benefit

Due to the increase in multiple uses, a reliably tight roof is essential for building owners, planners and roofers. As a pioneer in the construction of automatic roof welding machines, Leister takes this development into account with quality assurance LQS Roofing. Used for the first time worldwide in the UNIROOF 700 automatic roof welding machine, LQS Roofing gives you more control and safety when roof sealing. The automated data recording on LQS Roofing helps you document your welding work with ease. This not only helps you, but also reassures your customers. Simply activate LQS Roofing via the myLeister app and experience this new Leister service free of charge for the first 18 months.

Digitally networked quality assurance in two stages


The LQS Roofing System supports you in two stages during and after the welding process. 

#1 Immediate help with digital welding assistant: As soon as you leave the entered welding parameters during the welding process, the automatic welder signals and informs you with an acoustic and optical warning signal. Using a marker, you can check your weld seam immediately after completing the work with the weld seam tester.

#2 Automatic welding reports: The LQS function automatically records the relevant welding parameters of temperature, speed and air volume. The data is presented in a PDF report and contains representations of the parameters as graphs and in tabular form including GPS coordinates.

Reference projects using LQS Roofing:

EDEKA supermarket

Location: Wehr, Germany

GPS coordinates47°37'50.7 "N 7°54'21.9 "E

Roof area: 8500 sqm, shopping center

Roofer: Schütte-Wicklein GmbH

Material: Waterproofing membranes ECB Polyfin 2 mm

Welding machine: UNIROOF 700 with LQS Roofing from Leister

Cheese Storage Seiler

Location: Giswil, Switzerland

GPS coordinates: 46°50'35.3 "N 8°10'51.7 "E

Roof area: 1300 sqm, cheese warehouse

Roofer: Mathis Flat Roof AG

Material: multilayer plastic waterproofing membranes TPO Sarnafil

Welding machine: UNIROOF 700 with LQS Roofing from Leister

Residential Construction Project on the Henz Site

Location: Suhr, Switzerland

GPS coordinates: 47°37'17.2 "N 8°07'96.7 "E

Roof Area: 3'700 sqm, apartments

Roofer: RESCO AG

Material: FPO SikaRoof AT 18

Welding machine: UNIROOF 700 with LQS Roofing from Leister

Awarded RAL quality mark for flat roof systems


The RAL quality mark stands for premium standards in the manufacture and maintenance of quality flat roofs. The far-reaching quality promise guarantees reliable, solid, and trustworthy products and services of consistently high quality. The UNIROOF 700 with integrated LQS Roofing was the first Leister automatic welding machine to be awarded the quality mark according to RAL-GZ 717 Flat Roofing Systems and Services.