TüftelCamp Autonomous Vehicle at tüftelPark Pilatus

Leister Insight28 Oct 2022

Young tinkerers from grade 6 upwards have built autonomous electric vehicles in seven teams for competition at tüftelPark Pilatus. A tricky undertaking in which they were actively supported by the tüftelPark team and experts from the Maxon and Leister companies.

Author: Silke Landtwing, Corporate Communication Manager, Leister AG, Switzerland

Building an Autonomous Electric Vehicle and Insights into Potential Apprenticeships

The young tinkerers each built an autonomous vehicle in a total of seven teams during the week from October 10 to 14, 2022. They also gained insights into the following apprenticeships:

  • Polymechanic
  • Automation Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Electronics Technician


An excursion to the Maxon and Leister companies was also on the varied weekly schedule. During this, the tinkerers picked up the components and motors and learned details about the apprenticeships during a presentation. 


In the picture, you can see the tinkerers in front of the Leister Technologies AG company building in Sarnen.

Team “Kings” Wins the Coveted Tinkering Prize

Lionel Straub, Harun Amin and Marco Röthlin from the “Kings” team won with their vehicle and received the coveted tinkering prize. Unfortunately, Marco Röthlin was sick on the day of the competition and the award ceremony, so the “Kings” started in a team of two.

The tinkering prize went to the winning team “Kings” and this year consisted of an Arduino kit, which the winners can use to realize other exciting projects in the future


In the picture, you can see Harun Amin and Lionel Straub, both from the team “Kings” with their winning vehicle. Congratulations from Leister on your victory. 

Competing in Obstacle Course

In the video below you can see the vehicles of the different teams competing in the obstacle course. Just before the end of the video, you can see the winning vehicle of the “Kings”.

Engagement of the Leister Foundation

As the initiator of tüftelPark Pilatus in the canton of Obwalden, the Leister Foundation has been committed to promoting young talent in technical professions since 2016.

The Leister Foundation's engagement consists primarily of financial and personnel support as well as the regular tinkering competition initiated and financed by Leister.


Stefan Vogler, President of the tüftelPark Pilatus Association and Member of the Leister Management, says: “We aim to introduce children and young people to technology and its job profiles in a playful way, to promote talent and to get them excited about tinkering. After all, today's young tinkerers may be the skilled workers of tomorrow.


Samuel Friedrich, Managing Director of tüftelParks Pilatus, is delighted with the interest shown by young people and their parents: “At tüftelPark Pilatus we convey the fascination for technology to children and young people. We choose our offerings carefully, because we also want to encourage the inventive, craft, technical and design talents of tinkerers who have not yet discovered their potential. The competition always shows the enthusiasm with which the teams work together very impressively.” 

Contact tüftelPark Pilatus

The tüftelPark Pilatus will be found in the old grammar school on the 3rd floor at Brünigstrasse 179 in 6060 Sarnen. And if you are interested, you can obtain information by calling +41 76 592 95 75 or sending an e-mail to info@tueftelpark-pilatus.ch. Click here for the website tüftelPark Pilatus.

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Impressions of the Competition from October 14, 2022

A big thank you to photographer Rabea Hüppi for sharing her photos with us for the impressions in this blog post.