Roofing World Champions Visiting Sika and Leister

Leister Insight21 Dec 2022

On December 12, 2022, the Austrian and Swiss roofing world champions together with their mentors visited Sika and Leister in Sarnen and Kägiswil (OW). The guests were given an insight into both companies and the roofing world champions received their winner's gift. Learn more in this blog post.

Author: Silke Landtwing, Corporate Communication Manager, Leister AG, Switzerland

Invited were the Austrian roofing world champions Patrick Jäger-Nemec and Fabian Mächler and their mentor Peter Amann, as well as the Swiss roofing world champions Simon Amrein and Dominik Schwab and their mentor Silvan Haslauer. In the morning, they all met at Sika in Sarnen to get to know the company.

After the presentation of the different Sika business units, Adrian Michel, Head of Product Management System Engineering Roofing, guided the guests through the warehouse, production, training center research and development at Sika in Sarnen.

Sika and Leister have been working together successfully for years and have some parallels: For example, both companies focus on sustainability. There is no waste with us. Leftovers are recycled and then returned to production”, explains Adrian Michel. Both companies also play it safe when it comes to quality and check their products based on regular tests. Just like Leister, Sika has an internal training center where, among other things, roofers are trained in the welding of roof membranes under expert supervision. According to Kurt Kunz, Head of Instruction Roofing Systems, only Leister's heat gun TRIAC AT is used here.


Roofing Champions are Delighted with their Engraved TRIAC AT


In the picture you see the hot air gun TRIAC AT from Leister with the engraving for the roofing world champion Simon Amrein.

Before handing over the gifts, Adrian Michel paid tribute to the exceptional achievements of the four roofing world champions. Afterwards, he and Kurt Kunz gave the gifts from the sponsors: the four world champions each received a TRIAC AT engraved with their name. So that you continue to work so well and successfully”, said Adrian Michel.


The picture shows from left to right Fabian Mächler and Patrick Jäger-Nemec (World Champion Team Austria), Dominik Schwab and Simon Amrein (World Champion Team Switzerland) with their new TRIAC AT from Leister.

Of course, the mentors did not go away empty-handed. Adrian Michel thanked them for their commitment to the up-and-coming roofers by presenting them with wine and cheese from Giswil.



In the picture from left to right, you see Adrian Michel (Sika), Silvan Haslauer (Mentor Team CH), Peter Amann (Mentor Team AT) and Roland Beeler (Leister).

During the lunch at Hotel Kreuz in Sachseln, roofers and mentors exchanged information with Sika and Leister roof specialists about materials, equipment, and innovations for waterproofing flat and pitched roofs.


Welcome to the Showroom of the Leister Group

In the afternoon, Roland Beeler, Head of Business Line Plastic Fabrication Roofing and Flooring, welcomed the guests at Leister in Kägiswil.


In the Leister showroom, Roland Beeler presented the various plastic welding devices and automatic roof welding machines from the Leister product range and explained the different areas of application. In the picture you can see him with the guests in the showroom of the Leister Group.

Welding at the Leister Academy

Afterwards, things got practical in the training room of the Leister Academy”. Roland Beeler demonstrated adaptations of the UNIDRIVE 500 semi-automatic roof welding machine.


Fabian Mächler took the opportunity to weld a perfect lap seam with the UNIDRIVE 500.

Next World Roofing Championships 2024 in Innsbruck

Roofing world champions and mentors as well as the responsible persons from Sika and Leister look back on an interesting day.

At the next World Roofing Championships, which will take place in Innsbruck (Austria) in 2024, mentors Silvan Haslauer and Peter Amann will definitely be back. However, they will be starting with new teams, because on the one hand the participants have to qualify and on the other hand the age limit of 28 years applies.


IFP World Roofing Championship 2022 Sponsored by Sika and Leister

Sika and Leister were sponsors of the IFP World Roofing Championships, which took place in St. Gallen from November 9 to 11, 2022. Both companies have been working together successfully for many years in the sealing of roofs as well as in civil engineering waterproofing projects (for example, waterproofing of tunnels). As part of their sponsorship of the World Roofing Championships, Sika and Leister are committed to promoting young talents in the roofing trade and the roofing industry.


Review Roofing World Championship 2022 in November in St. Gallen

In the following blog post you will find all the important information about this year's World Roofing Championship, which took place in November in St. Gallen.

World Champions Weld and Solder with Leister Equipment