Coffee Roasting with Air Heaters Instead of Gas - is that Possible?

Expertise24 Jan 2023

Roasting machine manufacturers, coffee roasters and roast masters have been wondering whether coffee roasting can also be done with electric air heaters instead of gas. Leister experts provide answers in our new expertise section (whitepapers).

Author: Silke Landtwing, Corporate Communication Manager, Leister AG, Switzerland

Whether because of resource scarcity or for more safety, alternatives to gas for roasting machine heaters have been on the minds of roasting machine manufacturers, coffee roasters, and roast masters for some time now.

Our experts Markus Lipp, Head of Business Development, and Stephan Rüegg, Business Development Manager, have been dealing with this exciting topic for quite some time. In this whitepaper, they clarify the following questions:

  • Can the hot air that is needed for coffee roasting in roasting machines be generated with an electric heating system instead of gas?
  • Does electrically generated hot air achieve the equivalent result in terms of taste and roast quality as hot air generated via gas when roasting coffee?
  • Do gas or electrically heated roasting machines differ in their operation and behavior?


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Content Whitepaper
  • Management Summary
  • Introduction
  • Roasting Process
  • Heating Systems for Coffee Roasting
  • Challenges of Electrical Heating Systems
  • Operation of Modern Air Heater Systems
  • Roasting Machine with Modern Electric Heating System
  • Mathematical Design of the Heating System
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Electrical and Gas-Powered Heating Systems
  • Segmentation of Roasting Machines
  • Conclusion