Welding Tubes with Hot Air – Best Practice

Expertise1 May 2023

Confused by the variety of plastic tubes? You can even get tubes made of cardboard and sugar cane now. In the white paper, two Leister experts explain the different types of tubes and materials and what to look out for when welding with hot air.

Author: Silke Landtwing, Manager of Corporate Communications, Leister AG, Switzerland

Different tube materials for different contents

It doesn’t matter whether it’s ABL, PBL, COEX or cardboard tubes: All plastic tubes are used as packaging for their various contents. Take cosmetics (toothpaste and hair gel), drugs (lotions and eye drops), food (mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup) or building material (adhesives, sealants and pigments).

Plastic tubes with different properties

There are as many different types of tube constructions as there are tube contents. Because tubes require different properties for different contents. For instance, tubes for lotions and pigments should be squeezable for easy dosing. We put toothpaste and hair gel on our heads so after squeezing, we like it when they go back to their original shape.

Efficient hot air welding on plastic tubes

As tube manufacturers, you are well aware of tube varieties and how different tubes are made. But maybe you aren’t so aware of efficient tube welding and sealing using hot air. Interested? Leister experts Pius Enz and Markus Lipp have put all the key info in a white paper. And the white paper – here at Leister we call it expertise – is available here as a free download.


Contents of the Expertise
  • Management Summary
  • Introduction
  • Tube Market Overview
  • Tube Manufacturing
  • Empty Tube Manufacture (Tube Bodies, Tube Blanks)
  • Machine Designs for Tube Filling and Sealing
  • Process in Tube Filling and Welding Machines
  • Welding Technologies
  • Operation of Modern Air Heater Systems
  • Welding Tubes with Hot Air
  • Hot Air Welding Operating Costs and Potential Savings
  • Pros and Cons of Different Technologies
  • Conclusion
  • Outlook