Webinar ”Experience the World Innovation - the VARIMAT”

Expertise16 Jun 2024
Experience the world innovation from Leister with the new VARIMAT 700, a welding machine that ensures consistent process reliability for thermoplastic and bitumen membranes on flat roofs. The innovative nozzle mechanism and the flexible transport axis ensure precise and effortless work. In this webinar you will learn everything you need to know about the new welding machine.
Watch the recording of our webinar ”Experience the world first from Leister - the new VARIMAT”, in which we introduce you to the state-of-the-art VARIMAT 700. This advanced welding machine ensures reliable and safe flat roof sealing with high contact pressure for consistent process reliability. Find out how easy it is to switch from 230 to 400 V and discover the innovative nozzle mechanism for fast and precise overlap welding. Watch a live demonstration showing the versatility of the device in various applications, such as roofing, swimming pool construction, lorry tarpaulins and advertising banners. See how the increased pressure compensates for surface irregularities, ensuring smooth and aesthetically pleasing seams. Experience the Monitored Welding Assistant, which warns the user in the event of deviations from the set parameters and thus guarantees a high-quality result. Find out more about the functions and benefits of the VARIMAT 700 in a Q&A session with our experts.
Content of the video
  • Presentation of the New VARIMAT Generation
  • Live Demonstration
  • Q&A with the Experts