Hot Air Recycling Saves 70% on Energy Costs

Expertise24 Oct 2023
Hot air is used in many industrial processes worldwide. Those who use hot air recirculation operate their hot air systems in an energy-efficient, resource-saving, and process-safe manner. How does that work? In this whitepaper, two Leister experts give you the answers.

Author: Silke Landtwing, Corporate Communications Manager, Leister AG

Are you wondering where hot air recirculation or hot air recycling is possible? In almost all industrial hot air processes. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • Shrinkage processes in the machinery and food industry that take place in shrink ovens
  • Activation processes for adhesive and tube closures in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry
  • Hot riveting and preheating for compression molding in the car parts industry
  • Roasting foods such as coffee, nuts, tea
  • Drying insulation materials (e.g. rock wool) and flow materials


Leister experts give you the answers

In this Expertise, the two Leister experts Pius Enz and Markus Lipp answer the following questions:

  • How can hot air systems be operated in an energy-efficient, resource-saving, and process-safe manner?
  • And what are the options for energy saving?
  • Is hot air recirculation a potential solution?

As always, you can download the whitepaper for free.

  • Management Summary
  • Introduction
  • Technical Basics of Hot Air Recycling
  • Description of the Main Components
  • Economic and Environmental Considerations
  • Technical Designs of Different Plant Types
  • Application Examples
  • Conclusion