Leister TRIAC Shines at Flooring Trade Championships

Leister Insight24 Jan 2024
With innovative products and a strong presence at the German Floor Crafts Championships, Leister once again underlines its commitment to quality and progress in the flooring industry.

Authors: Zoya Glushtrom, Marketing Assistant, Leister Technologies Germany and Vivian Renaud, Marketing & Media Technology, Leister Technologies Germany

The 2023 German Parquet and Floor Laying Championships, organized by the German Confederation of Skilled Crafts, took place at the Hans-Schwier-Berufskolleg in Gelsenkirchen. With the support of around 40 sponsors from the industry, including the renowned Leister brand, 13 outstanding experts in their field competed. The participants consisted of eight parquet layers and five floor layers.

Ruhr Area Motifs as a Special Challenge

Inlaid work with motifs relating to the Ruhr region was the focus of the championship. The particular challenge for the participants was to complete the work as precisely as possible within the given time frame. Some participants use the "Leister", the world-famous hot-air hand tool from the TRIAC product line, to carry out their work.

Leister Popular Among Participants

The TRIAC is very popular among the participants, which not only underlines the quality of the products, but also emphasizes the relevance of Leister's technologies for this particular industry. Equipped with the high-speed welding nozzle, the participants decorated the base plate.

The championships not only provide a stage for the competition, but also an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas with companies from the industry. On site, there was the opportunity to exchange ideas with a vocational school that specializes in flooring and parquet laying.

The Leister Academy is also involved locally in Gelsenkirchen to give the students a particularly close connection to the skilled trades and industry. Students are given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with Leister products in training courses. This practice-oriented training not only strengthens the skills of the learners, but also promotes close links between Leister and educational institutions.

Leister Academy Germany in Wuppertal since this Year

The training opportunities are not limited to on-site training. This year, the Leister Academy Germany established its location in Wuppertal to further develop the knowledge and skills of its customers, sales partners and employees. The Academy offers a variety of exciting activities tailored to different target groups and needs.

At the Leister Academy, experts share their specialist knowledge both via digital media and in face-to-face training sessions on site. The offer includes technical training for all Leister product segments.

Leister's strong presence at the German Floor Crafts Championships underlines the company's long-standing commitment to training and promoting skilled workers in the industry.