Leister Academy: Innovative Architectural Training

Leister Insight17 Apr 2024
In this article find out how the Leister Academy offers first-class and practice-orientated training courses worldwide and how architects can collect relevant training points at Leister Germany.

Authors: Vivian Renaud, Media Production Specialist; Fjolla Buzolli, trainee in wholesale and foreign trade management, Leister Technologies Deutschland GmbH

The Leister Academy presents a high-quality and forward-looking educational approach at its locations in Switzerland, Germany, the USA, China and India. Participants from the fields of architecture, civil engineering and other industries are given access to first-class training courses that are aligned with the latest industry trends and technologies.

Lively Learning and Industry Topicality

The Academy uses innovative teaching methods to ensure that participants not only acquire the latest knowledge, but also develop practical skills. Continuous optimization of the curricula means the latest developments in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, construction trades and other industries are always integrated. This gives graduates the best preparation to successfully face the challenges of a constantly changing industry.

Expert knowledge is imparted in various languages and is offered both digitally and in classroom training sessions. The program includes technical training for a variety of industries, digital learning through e-learning and webinars as well as comprehensive education and training programs with a completion certificate.

Recognition by the Chamber of Architects

In Germany, the Leister Academy is setting new standards in architectural training in close co-operation with the North Rhine-Westphalia Chamber of Architects. Architects are required by law to complete a specific number of training courses each year. The points system not only rewards participation, but also the active exchange and application of knowledge in a professional context. It promotes a comprehensive understanding of further training and strengthens members’ qualifications in contemporary topics such as construction law, construction technologies and sustainable architecture.

The Leister Academy is proud to be a recognized training provider of the Chamber of Architects. Architects receive four points from the Chamber of Architects by participating in the Leister training course. This recognition underlines the high quality and relevance of the further training programs on offer.

“The collaboration with the Chamber of Architects represents a great recognition for the Leister Academy. Our training is not just a duty, but an investment in the quality and sustainability of the construction industry. Through hands-on experience and the use of modern technologies, we not only impart knowledge, but also make a contribution to an environmentally-conscious construction industry,” emphasizes Uwe Daldrup, Head of the Leister Germany Academy.

Training Initiative for Architects

The Leister Germany Academy presents an innovative training initiative for architects entitled “Permanently sealed flat roofs and hygienically joined elastic floors”. At the end of the training, participants are able to successfully apply their new knowledge to their daily work and pass on their expertise to other specialists in a skilled and motivating manner.

To ensure that architects and planners are able to understand and assess the skilled labor and processes in the roofing and flooring trade, this training is particularly hands-on and focuses on the practical handling of common materials, machines and hand tools. The focus is on private and commercial properties with flat roof waterproofing made of plastic sheets as well as laying elastic floor coverings. The training also includes tips and tricks for planning, processing, quality management and occupational safety.


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