Leister VARIMAT with Carlisle: Sustainable Roofing

Leister Insight9 Apr 2024
Read this article to find out how the new VARIMAT from Leister scores the decisive goal on the playing field of construction technology.

Authors: Vivian Renaud, Media Production Specialist, Leister Technologies Deutschland GmbH

In March 2024, over 500 guests from the roofing and tinsmith industry gathered at the Mewa Arena in Mainz to take part in the exclusive “Experience Carlisle” event. Carlisle, a driving force in the development of sustainable building products and technologies for many years, presented its high-quality roofing and waterproofing systems.

Big family reunion and great atmosphere

Leister, a proud industry partner of Carlisle, used the platform to present itself as a co-exhibitor and in particular to showcase the new VARIMAT series. The close cooperation between Leister and Carlisle has already been further strengthened through previous joint roadshows and activities at academy level.

The buffet not only offered culinary highlights, but also created a relaxed atmosphere for networking and exchanging ideas. Guests of honor such as influencer Mike Schawohl and football legend Mario Basler lent the event additional glamour. The participation of the Leister sales representatives enabled valuable contacts and connections to be made. The wonderful atmosphere gave the event the character of a family reunion.

VARIMAT triumphs with speed and LQS

Special attention was paid to the match between Carlisle roofing membranes and Leister’s premium products. During Leister’s live demonstrations, Carlisle’s top customers were given the opportunity to experience the company’s products.

The VARIMAT 700 took on a gas burner in an exciting duel. While a Bitumen sheet was being welded with the gas burner, the VARIMAT 700 was working on a Resitrix sheet. It became clear that electric technology clearly has the upper hand. The impressive speed with which the Resitrix sheets were welded using the VARIMAT not only impressed those present, but also underscored the triumphant victory of electric over gas.

Another highlight of the event was undoubtedly the enthusiasm of the guests and Carlisle employees for the VARIMAT 700 and the interest in the Leister Quality System (LQS). The LQS allows users to create comprehensive quality documentation of their welding work based on GPS coordinates. This documentation can be conveniently saved and shared via the myLeister app.

Live connection with Mainz

It was also a special evening for the Leister employees in Wuppertal who stayed home. Under the theme: “Leister – the 3Ps to success. Making hot air visible,” the Marketing-Club Bergisch Land visited the Leister premises in Wuppertal. The 3 Ps: Pioneer, Premium and Performance are not just words, but the foundation of the Leister brand message. It was an evening full of inspiration with a great atmosphere. The highlight was the live connection to the Leister sales team leader in Mainz. In front of a magnificent stadium backdrop, he spoke enthusiastically to attendees about the event.

Shaping the construction industry together

The event in Mainz impressively demonstrated that the two companies have a lot in common in terms of size, market presence and their approach to customers. Leister is looking forward to the upcoming roadshows with Carlisle and is convinced that, despite technological advances, nothing can replace personal customer contact. The event was not only a total success, but also showed that together Leister and Carlisle have the opportunity to shape the future of the construction industry.