SOLANO AT – Light, Quiet, Durable

Product Stories23 Jan 2019

The new, industrial hot-air hand tool - SOLANO AT from LEISTER - will surprise you with many unique innovations and functions. We received positive feedback from customers who tested the tool, informing us that they're thoroughly impressed with the results. 

Durable due to brushless motor and robust LEISTER heating element

Crafted for long-term use, the SOLANO AT ensures the ability to work around-the-clock: its brushless motor enables 10,000 maintenance-free working hours. In addition, the SOLANO AT - like other hot-air devices from Leister - is equipped with a particularly robust heating element.

Light and quiet

Thanks to the SOLANO ATs lightweight (1lb) and ergonomic design, fatigue is no longer an issue for welders. Additionally, we believe our customers will appreciate the tools quiet operation, where the sound is limited to 65 decibels. This protects both ears and muscles, which is particularly advantageous during long periods of work.

Ergonomic, secure, simple, regulated, economical and versatile

This is not a random series of melodious adjectives. No, these are your advantages when you work with the SOLANO AT.



  • Thanks to its handy design, the SOLANO AT is ergonomic and allows you to work effortlessly. 
  • It is especially safe due to its multi-stage overheating protection system.
  • The intuitive operation makes it easy for you to adjust the SOLANO AT to your needs. 
  • Thanks to its "intelligent" temperature control, you achieve constant performance when working.
  • If you take a break, the SOLANO ATs sensor will automatically switch the tool into Eco mode. This helps you save up to 40% energy. 


Additionally, the SOLANO AT is versatile and supports numerous industrial applications: 

  • Automotive: for interior trim such as steering wheels, consoles, for ironing leather seats, shrinking cables, etc. 
  • Medical technology: packaging medical and pharmaceutical products
  • Orthopedics: individual shaping for prostheses and splints 
  • Processing and ironing sensitive materials; leather, imitation leather, foils, etc.