WELDPLAST 200-i and 600-i

Product Stories11 Mar 2019
The plastic welding industry has seen a shift in processes that mirror methods originated in the metal industry: heavy, physical and repetitive work being replaced by automated, robotic welding processes.

Author: Silke Landtwing, Manager of Corporate Communications, Leister AG, Switzerland

Our customers continuously look for new and innovative solutions in effort to improve their processes and increase efficiencies. This also applies to companies that 3D print for manufacturing components. For small parts, 3D printing is already well-engineered. The challenge now is to enable 3D printing of components for large dimensions.

Our development engineers have produced the new extruder modules WELDPLAST 200-i and 600-i per the new requirements for plastic welding with robots and 3D printing in large dimensions.
In this blog post you will learn what WELDPLAST 200-i and 600-i are for extruder modules and the advantages they provide you with.

Extruder modules for automated processes and 3D printing in large dimensions

WELDPLAST 200-i and WELDPLAST 600-i are two different extruder modules designed for robot extrusion welding and 3D printing in large dimensions. The two modules are prepared for both simple and fully automated expansion. They can be mounted on robots or integrated into machines to automate and/or industrialize processes and repetitive tasks.

WELDPLAST 200-i and 600-i - different strengths 

The WELDPLAST 200-i processes many different types of plastics, including plastics that are difficult to process.

The WELDPLAST 600-i is particularly powerful with an output of 13.2 lbs of plastic per hour, making it ideal for large machines and systems. 


Individually selectable solutions

You select the appropriate drive and communication components for the extruder module individually according to application and need. If you install additional sensors, you can control and monitor your process as required. 


Integration made easy

Electrical and mechanical adaptation points are already prepared on the extruder modules, allowing you to integrate the modules into processes that require preheated air, for example. 

Modern industrial interfaces or analog interfaces are available for communication, which you can install in addition if required.


The most important advantages

  • Automated: If you require extrusion welding or 3D printing in automated, continuous operation, WELDPLAST 200-i or 600-i is your solution.
  • Controlled: Depending on the application and requirements, you have the ability to control and regulate parameters such as temperature and output with appropriate sensors.
  • Modular: For your process, you select - as if from a modular system - the appropriate extruder module and simply add the appropriate hot air, communication and drive components.
  • Individual: Depending on your requirements, you have the choice between two extruder modules, which you can adjust to your specific needs.
  • Current: It goes without saying that all components comply with current industry standards and are subject to continuous development.



If you have any questions about the WELDPLAST 200-i or 600-i and/or would like advice, please contact Reto Britschgi, Product Manager Extruder at Leister Technologies AG. He is our extruder specialist and will be happy to advise you.