Welding Technical Textiles? SEAMTEK W-900 AT.

Product Stories6 Sept 2023
When you weld tarpaulins, advertising banners, mesh fabrics and membranes with the SEAMTEK W-900 AT from Leister, you save energy, costs and time. What's more, you achieve weld seams that are a sight to behold. Curious? Find out everything you want to know in the blog post.

Author: Daniel Schmid, Head of Business Line TEX, Leister Technologies AG, Switzerland

As a manufacturer of tarpaulins, advertising banners, mesh fabrics (mash) and plastic membranes, you want to inspire your customers with efficient working methods and high quality. You will find the perfect solution at Leister. With the SEAMTEK W-900 AT welding machine, you can weld efficiently with low energy use and achieve high-quality welds. And with its innovative low-voltage hot-wedge technology, the SEAMTEK W-900 AT offers you five convincing benefits. What are they? Read on.

#1 Save Energy Twice

Save energy in standby mode with the SEAMTEK W-900 AT: conventional welding machines are in standby mode for around 80 % of their operating time on average and continuously consume considerable energy. As the wedge of the SEAMTEK W-900 AT is ready for use within seconds, you switch it off completely when it is pivoted out, thus saving significant energy.

Save energy when welding with the SEAMTEK W-900 AT: with contact welding, you apply the energy to the welding zone directly and without loss. As a result, you consume less energy when welding than with conventional devices.

#2 Reduce your Maintenance Costs

The only wearing part of Leister’s SEAMTEK W-900 AT is an inexpensive wedge. Forget expensive heating elements, aluminum wedges, thermocouples or tedious grinding in of the wedge. All bearings and guides are also low-maintenance. All this saves you costs and minimizes your maintenance requirements.

#3 Weld faster than ever before

As the wedge plate is very small, you regulate the temperature of the wedge in fractions of a second. You adjust the speed flexibly during the welding process according to your experience and the complexity of the products. If required, higher speeds can be achieved than with hot air welding or high-frequency welding due to the high energy density at the wedge.

#4 Fewer Emissions and Greater Workplace Safety

Precise and fast control of the energy at the wedge allows precise maintenance of the operating point. This makes the welding process virtually emission-free and very quiet as no flowing air is required. With low-voltage hot wedge technology, only the wedge plate is heated to a high temperature. All other parts in the welding zone remain outside. This removes the risk of burns and makes your work environment safer.

#5 Aesthetically Pleasing Welding Seams


When welding with the SEAMTEK W-900 AT, you apply the energy precisely where needed, i.e. directly in the welding zone. This allows you to achieve aesthetically pleasing welding seams.

SEAMTEK W-900 AT in use

If you are looking for an efficient solution for welding tarpaulins, advertising banners, mesh fabrics and membranes, the SEAMTEK W-900 AT is the right choice. Contact us to find out more.