Ultimate Tool for Plastic Welding Efficiency

Product Stories20 Feb 2024
The TRIAC AT hot air hand tool from Leister - best in class - is the ultimate tool for plastic welding professionals. Five key advantages make the difference: Unsurpassed robustness, helpful work functions and protective mechanisms packaged in an ergonomic design with intuitive operation. Maximize your efficiency with the TRIAC AT.

Author: René Meier, Head of Business Line Hand Tools, Leister Technologies AG, Switzerland

The top 5 advantages of the TRIAC AT that you should know.


#1 Specially developed for use on construction sites

The TRIAC AT, supplied in a shock-resistant hard case, is made of robust two-component plastic and a high-quality stainless steel heating tube. The hot-air hand tool is extremely durable and manufactured with high-quality components, including encapsulated electronic modules and encapsulated motor parts. This appliance will be used and recommended for generations to come, also thanks to the long-term availability of spare and wear parts.


#2 Controlled temperature and permanent voltage monitoring

The power supply on construction sites is usually provided by generators or emergency power systems. Unstable mains supply, long connecting cables or poor plug contacts can impair optimum plastic processing and welding. Thanks to its electronic power control (closed loop), the TRIAC AT has the ability to compensate for mains fluctuations. In addition, the quality of the supply voltage can be checked at the touch of a button. Integrated voltage monitoring shows the current voltage supply level on the TRIAC AT display.


#3 Restart protection - because safety first

Power failures or power cuts are not uncommon when working on construction sites. The unintentional interruption of work leads to power tools being put aside or placed in an unfavorable position. All it takes is a moment of inattention and the electrical appliances pose a potential hazard when the power supply is restarted. Hot air appliances must therefore never be placed in the immediate vicinity of highly flammable materials. Thanks to the built-in electronic restart protection, the TRIAC AT prevents the appliance from starting up unintentionally after a power interruption. Safety first - thanks to the patented "Restart Protection" function.


#4 Fix working parameters with simple key lock

The button lock on the TRIAC AT is a useful function to ensure that no unintentional changes are made to the settings during the welding process. The option to lock and unlock the button provides additional control over the device. If the key symbol appears on the display, the key lock on your device is activated.


#5 Activate the Eco mode energy-saving function and reduce operating costs

Hot air hand tools are in continuous use for various plastic welding jobs. The high degree of readiness required means that the appliances must be permanently at operating temperature. The associated energy costs are often disregarded. The TRIAC AT's Eco-Mode (energy-saving function) provides a remedy. Thanks to sophisticated energy management, the appliance is kept at operating temperature, but with greatly reduced energy. A built-in sensor detects work breaks and automatically switches to the energy-saving function or switches the power on when in use. The TRIAC AT's Eco mode is a smart way to save money.