Reliable Welding of Roof Sealing Membranes? Leister.

Industry Segment24 Jan 2024
Anyone who welds waterproofing membranes to flat and pitched roofs has one main goal: watertight roofs. Which Leister welding machines and accessories do you need? Leister roof professional Roland Beeler has compiled everything for you in a brochure. Download here for free.

Author: Silke Landtwing, Editor

If you have read the expertise on waterproofing flat roofs, you know what is important. For example, the correct welding parameters. Keyword: Welding triangle. The extended welding triangle is also important. And test welds... because you can only define the right parameters directly on the roof by conducting test welds. But all this knowledge is useless if you don't have the right welding machines and hot air blowers, suitable accessories (e.g. nozzles) and high-quality extension cables.

Everything for the Roof in one Brochure - Free to Download

In the brochure you will find the right welding machines with Leister Quality System (LQS), power management, Monitored Welding Assistant, welding profiles, handy hot air blowers and the right accessories. The cable reel too, of course.

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