Welding of Geomembranes for Onshore Aquacultures

Industry Segment7 Mar 2024
If you have read the expertise, you know that you need high-quality automatic welders, hot air blowers, hand extruders and testing equipment from Leister to professionally seal geomembranes for onshore aquaculture. What are they? Read the brochure.

Author: Silke Landtwing, Editor

As a manufacturer of land-based breeding systems for aquaculture, you have two main goals: You want to impress your discerning customers and weld the geomembranes for aquacultures tightly over the long term. If you rely on Leister right from the start, you are well advised. Because at Leister you will find innovative products that have proven themselves in use worldwide and are constantly being adapted to your needs.

Leister products for welding geomembranes for aquacultures

In the brochure you will find everything you need for professional welding of geomembranes for onshore aquacultures: the COMET 700, COMET 500, TWINNY T7 or TWINNY T5 automatic welding machines including zero overlap guide, handy TRIAC hot air blowers, powerful hand extruders such as the FUSION 3, testing devices such as the VACUUM PLATE 300 and the test needle as well as many suitable accessories.

Sealing Onshore Aquaculture Facilities with Geomembranes