The Swiss Flooring Champion

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Success Stories24 Jan 2019
On January 24, 2019, we welcomed an outstanding visitor to the headquarters of Leister Technologies AG in Kägiswil: Rahel Brändle, the Swiss flooring champion. She prevailed against all her competitors at SwissSkills 2018, the world's largest professional trade show, held in Berne. She's currently in her third and final year of training as an EFZ floor parquet layer, specializing in textile and elastic floor coverings.
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Silvan Horand, Product Manager at Leister Technologies AG, accompanied her during her visit and wrote the following guest article for our news blog, "LEISTER Stories." Thank you, Silvan!

Precise work and great Time Management:

Rahel did not expect to place on the podium for a long time at this competition since her skills weren't as developed as her competitors. However, due to her precise, clean and concentrated way of working, combined with great time management skills, she managed to catch up and win.We were very impressed by her precise and high-quality work coupled with her enthusiasm for her profession. Since its inception 70 years ago, Leister has also stood for quality in the flooring industry. That's why we really wanted to get to know this strong, young woman and invited her to join us at our headquarters. During the visit we introduced her to the various applications of LEISTER products and the entire flooring division. 

How does a young woman come up with the idea of becoming a floor installer?

A question that certainly didn't just concern us. Rahel Brändle decided to become a floor installer after a trial apprenticeship. She was fascinated by the various steps in her daily work and the diversity of the materials to be processed. The welding of the flooring material, including all the preparation, was a pleasure for her. When asked what the biggest challenge was, she spontaneously replied: "To make wall connections by hand."

MINIFLOOR Drive Unit and TRIAC AT was awarded to Rahel for her excellent performance:

We chose the right present: a MINIFLOOR Drive Unit with TRIAC AT. Thanks to the unique design of the MINIFLOOR, Rahel can now weld wall connections directly. Rahel tested her MINIFLOOR immediately after receiving it. She was very happy to have the right LEISTER equipment with her going forward. She now welds wall connections directly with her MINIFLOOR. Rahel has one less challenge and can enjoy her work even more now.

What's next for Rahel Brändle? 

When asked what the future holds for her and whether we can expect her to win a World Cup title in the near future, she answered modestly: "First, I must complete my apprenticeship. After that I'll keep looking in peace." 

We'd like to thank Rahel Brändle for her visit. We wish her all the best on her future endeavors, her upcoming final exam, as well as lots of success and joy.