Becoming a Pioneer in Algeria's Fisheries Sector

Success Stories13 Feb 2024
Algeria's fishermen are exposed to rough seas and weather every day. Read this blog post to find out how a dynamic entrepreneurial couple who specialize in producing workwear for local fishermen are successfully filling a gap in the market.

Author: Rachid Benlakhouy, Sales Manager, Leister International AG, Switzerland

Innovation as the key to success

The success story of Boucif Scouidi and Halima Mennad begins in the western Algerian province of Ain-Temouchent and tells of their inspiring career. Many challenges shaped their journey to becoming an established manufacturer of high-quality workwear for the fishing industry. In the end, however, their determination and ingenuity paid off

The pair of craftsmen had to hold their own in an intensely competitive market. To set themselves apart from the competition, they decided to no longer sew their workwear, but to weld it instead, thus conquering a niche in the fishing sector. With the support of a government subsidy program, the couple purchased a Leister thermo-welding machine, the SEAMTEK 900 AT. The welding machine equipped with the latest hot-air technology, coupled with craftsmanship, became the key to their success.

Market breakthrough with extensive training

The pair of craftsmen initially underwent comprehensive training with the experts from Chimibat, the official Leister representative in Algeria. Under the expert guidance of Mohamed Benhabiles, the two quickly acquired the necessary skills to use the SEAMTEK 900 AT effectively.

The state-of-the-art joining technology of the SEAMTEK 900 AT raised the quality of PVC workwear to a new level. Word of the waterproofness and the flawless finish of the seams quickly spread among the fishermen. Orders soon flooded in, offering the aspiring entrepreneurial couple interesting opportunities for growth.

The SEAMTEK 900 AT was more than just a tool for them - the modern welding machine was the catalyst for their success. By ensuring high-quality workwear, the welding machine opened the doors to the Algerian fishing market, allowing them to capture a significant market share in this expanding sector.

A new generation of entrepreneurs

Today, Boucif Scouidi and Halima Mennad's artisan studio is a symbol of entrepreneurship and innovation in the region. Their story is an inspiring example of perseverance, specialized training and the clever use of new technologies. Important virtues to survive in a constantly changing market.

The Algerian artisan couple exemplify a new generation of local entrepreneurs who are determined to overcome borders and use the opportunities offered by modern technology to make their businesses flourish.

As a pioneer in the use of hot air technologies, Leister shares the same values and is proud to support the Algerian craftsmen in their success.