Renewable Energy Solutions for Industrial Process Heat

Success Stories30 Apr 2024
Electrifying complex industrial processes with Leister products: Find out how in this article.

Author: Vivian Renaud, Media Production Specialist, Leister Technologies Deutschland GmbH

In a pioneering development, Siemens Energy AG, in partnership with Leister, has succeeded in replacing conventional power sources with renewable energies to electrify complex industrial processes. The innovations range from grid technology to storage and electrification. Their prime application is in the efficient heating of turbine rotors, further optimized by recirculating and utilizing the exhaust air process. This creates a cycle that maximizes efficiency.

Simple Exhaust Air Recycling with Leister Products

The core of these technologies is the LE10000 DF-R heater from Leister, combined with the RBR blower and the CSS control system. The Leister components are housed in a mobile aluminum profile structure, with the circuit components in a compact cabinet on the superstructure.

The innovative application involves heating a turbine rotor to up to 120 °C with a cycle of over 24 hours during rotation. The simultaneous heating of the winding ends of a generator rotor with the oven is specified by the production process.

A chamber temperature of up to 160 °C is maintained here for a period of up to twelve hours. A hot air blower supplies the heated chamber in which the rotor turns and is then fed from the LE10000 DF-R to the process using a high-temperature hose. The used air is fed back to the RBR blower through another hose.

More Efficient Thanks to the RBR Blower

To avoid losses, the heating chamber of the turbine rotor has been carefully insulated and given recirculating air flow optimized by the RBR blower and the CSS control system. The temperature is measured precisely at the hot air inlet of the oven using the sensor provided by Leister.

These pioneering technologies are used in industrial processes where precise and controlled heating is required. The Leister components are mounted in a mobile housing on a platform, offering great flexibility, while at the same time renewable energy can be used to ensure a sustainable, environmentally-friendly solution.

With this partnership, Siemens Energy and Leister are underlining their joint commitment to innovation and sustainability as well as switching to renewable energies in the field of industrial process heat.