Doubling Tent Production: Skyroof’s SEAMTEK Success Story

Success Stories15 Apr 2024
In this blog post, you can read how an Indian tent manufacturer is making its production more efficient with SEAMTEK welding machines and the Leister Support Team India.

Author: Vivek Subramani, Marketing Manager, Leister Technologies India

Skyroof Enterprises from Bangalore has been active in the production of tents and tension fabrics for over 16 years. The company specializes in what is known as pagoda constructions in various sizes. These are tent designs whose main feature is their highly pointed roof shapes. “We supply both large companies and private customers throughout India, from the peaceful valleys of Kashmir to the vibrant coasts of Kanyakumari,” explains CEO Suresh Chellam.

Innovation meets tradition

In recent years, Skyroof Enterprises has relied on high-frequency welding machines for its tent production. However, to achieve better efficiency and higher production capacity, an innovative, faster welding machine had been on the agenda for some time. Being able to realize a major project as quickly as possible was the catalyst for switching to SEAMTEK welding machines from Leister.

1,500 tents for a spiritual oasis

This major project demonstrated the full potential of the SEAMTEK W-900 AT. A total of 1,500 pagoda tents had to be made within 30 days for an ashram (a meditation center similar to a monastery) in Telangana. Delivery to the customer took place just after 25 days.

Revolutionary production efficiency

With the Leister SEAMTEK machine, Skyroof Enterprises was able to achieve a remarkable increase in production efficiency. Over an eight-hour shift, the SEAMTEK welding machine effortlessly produced 15 tents – almost double the amount compared to the conventional high-frequency welding machine. However, it is not just the speed of the welding machine that is decisive, but also the strength of the weld seam. This is because the tents produced with the SEAMTEK W-900 AT have a much better welding quality compared to the high-frequency machines previously used, which has a major impact on the durability of the tents.

A seamless success story

For Skyroof Enterprises, the new SEAMTEK W-900 AT welding machines from Leister mark the beginning of a new era in tent manufacturing and set the course for a future where precision, speed and reliability will redefine industry standards.

Suresh Chellam, CEO of Skyroof, praises Leister India for its great support: “The team was exceptional – they responded to both technical and sales inquiries immediately and delivered the machine within 24 hours. Leister’s support team helped us right from the start and ensured that all employees could learn how to use the SEAMTEK welding machine quickly. We thank Leister India for their tireless support.”