Essential Truck Base Drying Solution for the Cement Industry

Success Stories26 Jun 2024
Wet vehicle floors in the cement industry can spoil loaded materials, leading to significant losses. Compact dryers equipped with Leister industrial heaters, such as the LHS 61L SYSTEM and High Pressure Blower, provide an efficient solution to quickly dry vehicle floors.

Autor: Vivek Subramani, Marketing Manager, Leister Technologies India

Prevent Spoilage with Leister Products 

Wet floors of vehicles used in the cement and food industries can spoil the loaded material, leading to significant losses. To address this issue, compact dryers equipped with Leister industrial heaters offer an effective solution. The Leister LHS 61L SYSTEM and High Pressure Blower serve as compact dryers, ensuring the cement and food industries can maintain the quality of their goods during transport.

The Story of Application to the Industry

In cement companies, cement bags are loaded into vehicles either manually or through conveyor automation. However, if the vehicle's floor is wet, moisture is created, degrading the lower-stored cement into solid powder. This issue necessitates waiting until the vehicle floors are entirely dry, which often takes more than 90-120 minutes during the monsoon and can extend even longer in the winter.

Why the Cement Industry needs Leister Dryers

Traditional methods of drying the wet floors of vehicle bases include using convection methods by turning on the vehicles for a particular period, allowing the engine heat to transfer and partially dry the vehicle floor. However, this method is inefficient and environmentally unfriendly. Cement companies, particularly those with 80-100 vehicles loading cement bags daily, are increasingly concerned about carbon emissions.

The LEISTER LHS 61L SYSTEM and High Pressure Blower provide a more efficient and environmentally friendly solution. These devices can quickly and effectively dry vehicle floors, reducing waiting times and minimizing the risk of moisture damage to the cement.

Trolley-based Hot Air Dryers in Cement Industry

When a customer requested a solution for this issue, Leister developed and tested a concept in real time to ensure its effectiveness. The result is a small, plug-and-play, user-friendly, and time-saving solution. The trolley-based hot air dryer can be easily moved and operated, making it a practical choice for cement companies.
By using the LEISTER LHS 61L SYSTEM and High Pressure Blower, companies can significantly reduce drying times, increase efficiency, and decrease their carbon footprint. This innovative solution ensures that cement bags remain dry and intact during transport, preventing spoilage and financial losses.

Leister Dryers: Essential for India's Cement Industry

The Leister LHS 61L SYSTEM and High Pressure Blower offer a vital solution for the cement industry in India, addressing the critical issue of wet vehicle floors. By implementing these advanced drying systems, cement companies can improve their operational efficiency, protect their products, and reduce their environmental impact. Leister continues to lead the way in providing innovative and practical solutions for industrial challenges.