SEAMTEK: Ramped-Up Production for Airy Works of Art

Success Stories9 Jul 2024
Works of art made of air – the Italian company Nasoallinsù has been using Leister products to produce inflatable objects for events for several years, most recently for Paris Fashion Week.

Author: Paolo Possa, General Manager, Leister Technologies Italia S.r.l. / Italy

Nasoallinsù supplies customers all over the world with inflatable (art) objects, such as seating furniture or light creations for a variety of events. These works of art are produced at its own production facility in Varese, Italy.

High Demand Requires Rapid Capacity Expansion

The exceptional robustness of the inflatable objects ensures reliable functionality not only during the event, but also after it has finished. Word spread quickly, which led within a short space of time to a rapid increase in demand for the company’s inflatable creations. Even Managing Director Tommaso Ponti was surprised: “The continuous increase in demand was not a temporary phenomenon, but has remained consistent. This gave us the challenge of quickly increasing our production capacities in order to fulfill orders on time.” Nasoallinsù has long relied on the innovative and dependable welding machines from Leister. And the company was once again able to rely on Leister.

Three-Dimensional Shapes without Seam Holes

A growing proportion of the new orders received by Nasoallinsù are inflatable captive air structures. Unlike conventional stitched structures, they have no seam holes, meaning they retain their shape without the need for additional air to be pumped in. The company manufactures these structures by welding the plastic membranes rather than sewing them together. In itself, welding is not a particularly groundbreaking innovation: there are many manufacturers of machines that can weld PVC films together – provided that the desired seam is straight. And this is what Nasoallinsù attaches great importance to. The welding seams must be straight and of perfect quality to ensure that the three-dimensional, airy constructions have a long life.

Doubling of the Machine Fleet

For several years, Nasoallinsù has been working with Leister’s SEAMTEK W-2000 AT, which can weld large products with its two-meter-wide frame. To meet the rising demand, the Varese-based company purchased a new Leister SEAMTEK – This time the “smaller sister,” the SEAMTEK W-900 AT with a 900 mm frame. Within a very short period of time, the welding machine was ready for use at the Nasoallinsù plant.

By expanding its machinery, the Italian company was able to boost production efficiency, improve product quality and cope better with rising demand. Managing Director Tommaso Ponti: “I was particularly impressed by the efficient and punctual delivery service from Leister, which is why we will continue to rely on Leister welding machines in the future.”

Images: ©Nasoallinsù