Leister GEOSTAR high performance wedge welder
The myLeister app turns your LEISTER device into an intelligent, interactive tool with just a few clicks.

The myLeister app turns your LEISTER device into an intelligent, interactive tool with just a few clicks.

In the cockpit overview you will find all important functions at a glance. With the myLeister LQS function, you can, for example, document your welding activities and secure them via myLeister cloud within a group or company. Or you create your own recipes (welding parameters) and send them with the app to your device. Start today in a new world and experience all the benefits of myLeister. Equipment Under Devices you can register your LEISTER device. Depending on the functionality of your device, it will then be available with the other functions of the myLeister app. To differentiate between several devices, assign each device its own inventory number. The Devices feature gives you more exciting options, such as Live View and the initial setting of the LEISTER device from your mobile device. The GEOSTAR G7 LQS is already equipped with the new communication module and therefore the app can be used with this device. More products from our various fields of applications will be updated and be available for this App service soon. Live View Live View allows you to view the status of the connected LEISTER device in real-time on your mobile device during the welding activity. Initial settings The initial settings of your connected LEISTER device can be customized in 14 different languages via the app. LQS With the Leister Quality System (LQS), you can record the relevant welding parameters during welding. Thus, all functions for the evaluation of the welding data are available to you. Thanks to an export function, the recorded data can be saved in PDF reports and sent via e-mail. The reports contain clear representations of the parameters as graphs and in tabular form. Subsequent archiving is safely guaranteed via the myLeister cloud. Core functions LQS Synchronizing the data from the welding machine Create PDF Reports Movie: LQS the System Recipes* Use the Recipes function to manage your preferred welding parameters yourself. Send your parameters to all the LEISTER devices you have registered (this requires a device with a compatible WLAN system). Read your recipes (welding parameters) from your devices and share them via the myLeister cloud in your group or company.

Core Features Parameter Setup Create your own welding profiles Administration and sharing of recipes Tools With the tools function, LEISTER also supports you with useful functions: Power Cable Tester With the help of the LEISTER tool Power Cable Tester, we help you to reduce disturbances in your work process. Prevent undervoltage and the associated power loss of your device. The myLeister app supports you and calculates for you the right maximum length and the cross-section of the cable easily and reliably. Unit Converter The LEISTER tool Unit Converter supports you with the globally relevant units of temperature, weight up to area calculation and many more units. If you want to quickly convert from Celsius (° C) to Fahrenheit (° F) or Kelvin (° K), or Newton (N) to Pound, this tool will help you find the right answer. Process Heat Formulas In the Process Heat Formulas tool from LEISTER you can choose from a range of formulas for evaluating the air heater or blower that is best suited for you and your application. Here, the myLeister app supports you with a simple configurator. You simply enter the required performance levels for your application.

Innovations myLeister Version 2.1.0 New app design* New function Devices (Live View and Initial Settings) New function recipes New function tools (Power Cable Tester, Unit Converter and Process Heat Formulas) Various bug fixes * Important: Before the actual work, it is always necessary to carry out a Test Weld with the selected material. LEISTER assumes no liability for incorrectly selected recipes (parameter settings). * The backward compatibility of the myLeister app ensures the LQS function of existing GEOSTAR LEISTER welding machines. Locally stored welding data is not lost and can still be used. The entire range of functions of the myLeister APP can be used from a software version 2.06 and higher.

up to 12.0 m/min (39 ft/min)
1800 / 2800 W
G5: 16.4 kg (36 lb)
G7: 17.7 kg (39 lb)
up to 1500 N (digitally controlled)
460° C (860° F)
GEOSTAR - Product Description

GEOSTAR – faster, lighter, smarter

Welcome to a new dimension in civil engineering with Leister‘s new „Faster, Lighter, Smarter Wedge“! The advent of the GEOSTAR for welding geomembranes marks the appearance of a hot wedge welding machine perfected for civil engineering that redefines state-of-the-art technology.

The compact, cast aluminum frame construction offers sporty maximum power for the hardest applications: With heating capacity/heating power of up to 2500 Watts, peak welding speeds of up to 12 m/min (39 ft/min) and height-adjustable chassis, the GEOSTAR can handle any terrain without difficulty.

The digital operating unit (“eDrive”) with integrated display permits permanent monitoring of all the key weld parameters (heat, speed, pressure and voltage) during work process.

This sleek new design makes field servicing a cinch - wedge can be removed and replaced in under a minute. Additional features include easy loading of material, natural flow of material through the machine, integrated clamping grip engagement, innovative ergonomics that allow one-hand operation and three different parking and maintenance positions.

GEOSTAR - The Video

Leister‘s new „Faster, Lighter, Smarter Wedge“

  • Welding speed up to 12 m/min (39 ft/min)
  • With 16.4 kg (G5) and 17.7 kg (G7) around 20 – 50% lighter than comparable machines
  • Very high heating capacity / heating power
  • Digital welding pressure display
  • Welding wedge replacement in less than 1 minute!
  • Integrated voltage display
  • Adjustable chassis height
  • Leisters
  • Leisters
  • Leisters
  • Leisters
LQS - Leister Quality System

The Leister Quality System (LQS) allows you to compile full quality documentation for all aspects of your welding work. You can document every welding seam as a table, graphic or even with GPS coordinates. The GEOSTAR G7 / G5 LQS provides all the advantages of state-of-the-art technology. It really stands out from the crowd – helping you to win over your client!

  • Welding protocols
  • Easily create DVS reports
  • Intuitively archive data
  • Automatic cloud synchronization
  • Protection from loss and falsification
  • Weld seam Position recording via GPS
  • Wi-Fi technology
  • Automatic device recognition
  • Administer up to 50 devices per account
  • Internal data storage prevents data loss
  • Helps with crew supervision
  • Leister
GEOSTAR - Technical Data
Dimensions (L x W x H)
482 x 278 x 269
482 x 278 x 269
Drive speed *1
0.8 - 12
Level 1: 0.8 - 6
Level 2: 1.5 - 12
0.8 - 12
Level 1: 0.8 - 7
Level 2: 1.5 - 12
50 / 60
50 / 60
Mark of conformity
Icon CE Certificate
Icon CE Certificate
Max. heating temperature
460 °
Max. overlap
Max. welding force
1800 / 2800
120 / 230
Weld width with test channel
2 x 15mm
2 x 15mm
Welding Wedge
90 x 50
130 x 50
HD-PE 0.8 - 3.0mm PP, LD-PE, TPO, FPO PVC-P (with steel wedge)
HD-PE 1.0 - 3.0mm PP, LD-PE, TPO, FPO
GEOSTAR Working Positions

Three Positions



Start and working position.


Simple maintenance or cleaning. Best for quick cleaning of welding wedge, contacting system and for cooling down during interruptions.


Upside-down position for simple maintenance or cleaning. Best for setting chassis height, changing drive rollers or cleaning track rollers.
Leisters GEOSTAR G5/G7
GEOSTAR field-testing in Germany
Leisters GEOSTAR G5/G7
GEOSTAR field-testing: Mining in Chile
Leisters GEOSTAR G5/G7
GEOSTAR field-testing: Mining in Chile
GEOSTAR field-testing in Germany
GEOSTAR field-testing in Germany
GEOSTAR field-testing at the Netherlands
GEOSTAR field-testing in the Netherlands
GEOSTAR field-testing at the USA
GEOSTAR field-testing in the USA
Leister. We know how.
Short Videos


  • How to Use the Carrying Handle of the GEOSTAR
  • GEOSTAR eDrive Display
  • GEOSTAR Pressure Control
  • GEOSTAR Wedge Welder in Motion
  • GEOSTAR Chain Drive Exchange
  • GEOSTAR Adjustable Chassis Height
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