Why Leister

For decades, our highly qualified employees have been involved with enthusiasm and high corporate identification for first class performance. This is our key to success and is highly valued by our customers worldwide.

Customers and business partners rely on the integrity and behavior of all Leister employees. Therefore, we maintain our deeply anchored values and our daily corporate culture in all Leister companies. This is a sustainable basis for successful customer relationships and partnerships.

Leister – an Excellent Employer

Regardless of their position within the company, all of our employees truly value our continued commitment to our traditional, yet innovative corporate culture. This allows us to reach the peak of our technological performance and produce high-quality products. Leister systematically encourages the development of skills and expertise through training and additional educational opportunities, as well as in-house shared knowledge on a national and international scale.

Together we are strong – This philosophy inspires our highly-motivated employees to work as part of a team with a strong sense of community and the fundamental desire to be the best. This means that our customers, both current and future, can count on our high-quality services and benefit from our excellent position as a successful global employer.

Our Employees

In the Leister Group, more than 900 employees in Switzerland and on three continents are committed to technological excellence, top quality, innovation and sustainable growth. Our employees identify with the Leister products and the company with great enthusiasm and motivation, making them the driving force behind our success.

Our Leister corporate culture, supported by mutual appreciation, respect and trust, is the supporting foundation for successful collaboration in accordance with our motto: We are strong together.

We Live Our Corporate Culture

Our innovative corporate culture is based on values and rules of conduct which are laid down in our leadership principles and are lived by all of our Leister employees on a daily basis.

Market leader

For more than 70 years, we have been global market leaders for plastic welding products and industrial heating equipment. Axetris AG, a company of the Leister Group, focuses on micro-optics and gas sensors in unique applications and niche products.


With an export share of 98%, a sales network in 100 countries and locations across three continents, Leister is a true global enterprise. Customers and business partners from all over the world visit us in the heart of Switzerland. People from over 14 nations work in our Swiss companies. We speak over 16 different languages across our sales and product management teams.


Leister is an innovative, technology leader and always open for new, technical developments. We offer a broad and diverse spectrum of applications and technologies to supply customers from almost all industries worldwide. 15% of our employees in Switzerland work for research, development and specific customer projects.

Team players

Whether group management, business management, managers, team leaders, specialists, trainees or interns, we treat each other as we would like to be treated. We show respect and fairness, and always support one another. By linking our skills and our expertise, we’re able to reach our potential and live out our Leister team spirit, even when dealing with our international colleagues.

Entrepreneurs within the company

Entrepreneurial thinking and acting on all hierarchical levels is firmly anchored in our management principles. By entrepreneurs we mean personalities who take responsibility, look ahead and have a pioneering spirit, who are committed, inspire others and identify with the company, its products and our goals.

Committed and ready to perform

Leister stands for performance: According to this motto we reward good performance, commitment and personal application.

Staff development

We recognize the potential of our employees, create developmental opportunities and promote specialist, personal and management-related areas. Leister offers internal training, group training and supports individual training courses as needed.

We play an active role in providing apprenticeships for young people. In Switzerland, we have around 20 positions available for apprentices in different disciplines.

We offer interns various courses for their first, industrial experience at Leister and Axetris. We continue to support educational training that covers industry practices.

We support corporate responsibility

Our environment and the preservation of our habitats are held close to our heart. Which has led us to invest in environmentally friendly and sustainable energy concepts.

Our values, sports performance principles and enjoyment of our national sport have led us to decades of commitment to swiss wrestling. The Leister Foundation promotes art and culture, including education and science in particular. We focus on technical training for the youth.

Quality of Life

For decades, we have been firmly anchored in Central Switzerland, in the Canton of Obwalden. An attractive location, centrally located in the heart of Switzerland and easy to find. Our environment offers us a high quality of life in the midst of a great mountain landscape with attractive leisure opportunities.

Our Ambassadors

Our committed and enthusiastic staff members are our best ambassadors. They are a convincing reference to motivate new employees and colleagues to join one of our Leister companies in a new position.

Our Ambassadors

Our committed and enthusiastic staff members are our best ambassadors. They are a convincing reference to motivate new employees and colleagues to join one of our Leister companies in a new position.