Application Laboratory for Floor Coverings


Whether in public spaces, in hospitals or in the private sector: Floor coverings made of vinyl-PVC-P, PE or linoleum are clean and easy to maintain and are therefore very popular.

However, there are different requirements for each project. Regardless of whether hygiene or durability is the main focus of your project. Our specialists will support you with tips and tricks on how to achieve your desired outcome with the right equipment, while always ensuring quality.

Our scope of services

Advice on the welding floor coverings for special, hygienic requirements, such as hospitals

Advice for welding floor coverings with very high loads, such as gymnasiums

Application support for welding floors in public transport such as trains, boats and airplanes

Application and product consultation for floor installation, regardless of the floor size.

Application advice, from preparation to welding

Material questions?
Visit the section Material Tests for floor coverings.