Tube Filling

Discover the power of Leister air heaters for rapid, reliable, and sustainable tube sealing. Ideal for the cosmetics, food, and pharmaceutical industries.

Experience Rapid Tube Sealing with Leister Air Heaters


Leister air heaters are globally recognized for their unparalleled efficiency in sealing plastic tubes. This packaging solution is increasingly popular across the cosmetics, food, and pharmaceutical sectors. With a rapid heating time of just 0.2 seconds, our air heaters deliver a tight, aesthetically pleasing seal.

Eco-Friendly and Reliable Tube Sealing with Leister Air Heaters


Equipped with a range of accessories like diverse nozzles, Leister air heaters meet the high-quality standards of the cosmetics industry. They offer low operating costs and contribute to environmental protection through hot air recirculation, significantly reducing energy consumption.

Benefits of Hot Air Welding


Hot air welding with Leister air heaters offers the flexibility to weld a variety of tube materials, including innovative options like coated cardboard and bioplastics. Achieve high-quality weld seams and seal up to 100 tubes per minute per heating station. Plus, our hot air recycling feature can halve your energy costs, accelerating your sustainability initiatives.

Seamless Integration of Leister Air Heaters


Designed for effortless, safe, and independent integration into various systems, Leister air heaters feature ceramic heating elements that meet stringent quality and lifespan standards. These elements can reach temperatures up to 650°C and offer precise regulation, ensuring product-specific airflow requirements are met.

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