TWINNY T from Leister for Welding Water Reservoirs in India

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Success Stories26 Jun 2020

An important sector of the Indian economy is agriculture. This is where 60 percent of the population works and generates about 17 percent of the gross domestic product. India has the tenth largest arable resources in the world with 20 agro-climatic regions.

Author: Arun Kumar, General Manager, Leister India

Water is scarce in India

All 15 main climate zones of the world exist in India. Water is scarce, however, which is why Indian agriculture is mainly dependent on the monsoon. The Indian government has therefore introduced several projects to support agriculture, to help farmers save water - their most important resource - and to promote the sustainable use of water.

Water reservoirs to collect rainwater

For example, farmers in the Maharashtra region are being supported in building water reservoirs. For the water reservoirs, pits are first excavated and then covered with geomembranes. To prevent precious water from seeping between the Geomembranes, they are tightly welded with Leister equipment.

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During the next monsoon, the water reservoirs fill up with rainwater, which is used in dry periods for sustainable irrigation in agriculture.

TWINNY T from Leister for welding geomembranes

Farmers in India rely on the quality of the globally proven Leister equipment and rely on the TWINNY T for welding the geomembranes. Tight welds are also crucial for the installer, because the latter offers the farmer a five-year guarantee for a tight water reservoir. This is due to legal requirements by the Indian government. Because only perfectly welded Geomembrane seams ensure that the water stored in the reservoir is actually available to the farmer for irrigating his plants during the dry season.


The small, easy-to-operate TWINNY T hot air welders adapt perfectly to the surface topography and weld the plastic geomembranes reliably and quickly. The TWINNY T achieves up to 3.2 m/min or 10.5 ft/min, so that installers can get their work done in no time at all. Welding with the TWINNY T even works perfectly on sloping pond walls.

The name TWINNY T is well known to the farmers in Maharashtra and has become a synonym for welding geomembranes. People in the region ask for the "TWINNY machine" when they need an automatic welding machine. Material manufacturers and installers of water reservoirs also proudly advertise that their installations are carried out with the Leister TWINNY T, which promises farmers a leak-free pond.

Leister India is proud to make an important contribution to sustainable water use in India with its many years of experience and suitable Leister equipment.


Mr. Gaikwad, an Indian farmer, is watching the construction of his water reservoir. Because his fields in Satur, Pune, suffered from a lack of water, he decided to have a water reservoir built. This reservoir stores rainwater all year round and can be used to irrigate his fields during the dry season.

Sealing of Reservoirs and Canals