Flat Roof Waterproofing 4.0 - UNIROOF 700

Product Stories2 Nov 2021

Attention roofers: Leister’s innovative UNIROOF 700 automatic roof welding machine is shaking up the roofing market with its Leister Quality System (LQS), Monitored Welding Assistant and Power Management. Find out what our new tool can do better than the competition and why you need it in this blog post.

Author: Silke Landtwing, Corporate Communication Manager, Leister Switzerland

Leister’s roofing expert, Roland Beeler, is enthusiastic about the new Leister UNIROOF 700 automatic welding machine. And he has every reason to be. The UNIROOF 700 is the first welding machine in the world (as of November 2021) that documents the parameters speed, temperature and air flow, including GPS data, in a clear report via the Leister Quality System (LQS) when welding thermoplastic roof membranes. This paid service called LQS Roofing can be used simply via the myLeister app, if required. All info about LQS Roofing, as well as the link to download the myLeister app, can be found on our website under SERVICES/MYSERVICES. If, for example, you are welding a flat roof on an industrial building, you will now receive the documented quality management in black and white via the myLeister app. This not only helps you, but also reassures your customers.

Documented weld quality generates trust and safety

The UNIROOF 700 with LQS and GPS drives out fear of imperfections when welding on flat roofs and slanted roofs up to 30 degrees. When evaluating the welding report, you may discover possible weak points and quickly narrow them down using the GPS data. This allows you to quickly find the location you are looking for and correct potential errors immediately.


UNIROOF 700 offers unbeatable advantages, especially when welding thermoplastic roofing membranes on flat roofs. Documented welding quality also generates trust and security among your customers.

Alarm Notification When Leaving the Welding Area

The LQS is a great asset, but you'd rather know right away if you accidently leave the welding zone. The alarm automatically notifies the user if the machine has left the welding zone to prevent any weld imperfections without the user knowing.


The welding zone is defined by the perfect interaction between the welding parameters (temperature, speed and air flow). Our product developers kept this in mind during the development of this tool. That is why your UNIROOF 700 is equipped with Monitored Welding; An electronic assistant that alerts the user if they have left the welding area via an audible and visual alert (the color of the digital display will change to red). If you are not back in the welding zone within 30 seconds, which could happen with high undervoltage, for example, the Monitored-Welding-Assistant automatically turns off the UNIROOF 700.

Standard Nozzle and Patented Inseam Scraping Nozzle for TPO Geomembranes

The newly developed, standard nozzle on the UNIROOF 700 produces an optimal welding width, which guarantees homogeneous weld seams. Compared to conventional nozzles even at 20°C to 30°C (68°F to 86°F) lower temperatures. Additionally, you can easily insert the nozzle into the overlap, thanks to the new design.

Standard Nozzle and Patented Inseam Scraping Nozzle for TPO Geomembranes

The newly developed, standard nozzle on the UNIROOF 700 produces an optimal welding width, which guarantees homogeneous weld seams. Compared to conventional nozzles even at 20°C to 30°C (68°F to 86°F) lower temperatures. Additionally, you can easily insert the nozzle into the overlap, thanks to the new design.


When welding TPO membranes or other roofing membranes that are difficult to weld, we recommend the new, patented Leister inseam scraping nozzle. This is because the patented scraping process removes the oxidized surface during contact welding with the inseam scraping nozzle. This eliminates the need to activate the weld seam in most cases (for example, with chemical substances).

Power Management for Continuous Welding

Experience has shown that many users often struggle with electrical undervoltage when welding roofing membranes. Our product developers kept this in mind and equipped your UNIROOF 700 with Leister Power Management. How does that work? Thanks to sophisticated electronics and a particularly powerful heating element. In concrete terms this means: For example, if you want to weld a PVC membrane with the UNIROOF 700 at 550°C (1022°F), the power management helps you to reach this temperature even with undervoltage. This enables you to achieve consistent welding performance despite undervoltage.

Eco Mode Saves up to 30% Energy

Sustainability and the economical use of natural resources are particularly close to our hearts. That is why your new UNIROOF 700 also has Eco Mode. What’s so great about this feature? At maximum temperature and air volume, you save up to 30% energy when welding in Eco Mode.

Different Applications Without any Modifications

Do you find it tedious to have to change over the automatic welding machine each time for different applications? So do we. That is why we have kept the housing on the UNIROOF 700 slim and equipped it with a sliding transport axle. You will notice how helpful this is when you weld with the UNIROOF 700 in tight spaces, close to the edge up to 100 mm (3.93 in.) on and at the parapet, as well as on other difficult to access areas.

Save and Retrieve Welding Recipes via the myLeister app

Different membrane materials can be welded with different welding parameters. To avoid resetting your welding recipes every time or search for them in cumbersome paperwork, you can simply create them in the myLeister app, save them and recall them at any time. If required, simply transfer the appropriate welding recipe to the UNIROOF 700 and off you go. To make it even easier for you, you will find ready-made welding recipes for TPO, PVC, EVA and PIB already stored directly in the UNIROOF 700s memory.

UNIROOF 700 Synopsis

Was that really too much text for you? Here’s a quick synopsis of the UNIROOF 700s advantages:


The UNIROOF 700 automatic welding machine, equipped with Leister Quality System (LQS), Monitored Welding Assistant and Power Management, has been setting a new standard in the roofing industry since November 2021.

Furthermore, the software on the UNIROOF 700 can be updated for future services, making it a safe investment for you.

The advantages of the UNIROOF 700 at a glance

  • documented welding quality thanks to LQS and the paid LQS Roofing* service, which can be used via the myLeister app
  • Weld reliability through Monitored Welding Assistant
  • Power management for consistent welding results, even if undervoltage occurs.
  • Standard nozzle ensures homogeneous welding seams
  • Patented inseam scraping nozzle to weld TPO membranes
  • Save up to 30% energy in Eco Mode
  • LiveView via myLeister app to control the welding parameters on your smartphone or tablet
  • Welding recipes via myLeister app at a glance
  • Software updates

*It pays to act fast: those who decide quickly can now benefit from the LQS Roofing introductory offer and try out this service free of charge for up to 18 months.

UNIROOF 300 for purists and beginners

We recommend the UNIROOF 300 to all beginners with a small budget, but still in need of a powerful and reliable automatic roof welding machine.


As the little brother to the UNIROOF 700, it comes without LQS and Monitored Welding Assistant, but offers you controlled welding parameters (thanks to closed-loop technology), a digital display, an attractive price-performance ratio and, of course, the proven Leister quality.