Aero Sekur trusts Leister

Success Stories2 Oct 2023
Find out what connects Leister and welding emergency flotation systems for helicopters and inflatable life rafts in the following article.

Author: Mariateresa Pirozzi, Marketing Specialist, Leister Technologies AG, Italy

Aero Sekur is a company based in Aprilia, Italy, known for its safety systems for aircraft and ground vehicles, and supplies major original equipment manufacturers in the aerospace industry. Aero Sekur manufactures helicopter emergency flotation systems, inflatable life rafts, and self-sealing and crash-proof fuel storage systems and components for these companies.

The instability of such systems and the situations in which they are used illustrate the importance of their quality of workmanship. After all, this ensures the absolute safety and reliability of the products.

Leakproofness and Particularly High Tightness Required

Over the years, Aero Sekur has perfected its production techniques. This is because its focus is on developing completely leak-proof systems. Owing to factors of weight and inflation time, emergency flotation systems and life rafts are filled with helium instead of air. And due to its smaller molecules, helium requires particularly high impermeability.

Welding Instead of Gluing

In this context, Aero Sekur has gradually reduced its use of adhesives and focuses on welding the technical textiles that constitute the products. This is because welding ensures a longer service life for products filled with helium gas, especially under aggressive conditions, such as saline environments with large temperature differences and high humidity.

Opting for SEAMTEK 900 AT from Leister

In the beginning, we had a hot welding machine that was suitable for thick materials. However, for lighter fabrics, which we often use for aerospace products due to the strict weight requirements, this machine did not deliver satisfactory results, explain Francesco Giannini and Andrea Bianchi, technical and commercial directors at Aero Sekur, so we searched the market for a better alternative.

After careful evaluation and testing, the responsible product developers opted for the SEAMTEK 900 AT welding machine from Leister.


The SEAMTEK 900 AT is intelligently designed and facilitates a variety of welding applications. Thanks to its multi-arm system, it can be precisely configured in record time to make high-quality connections in any situation. The wide selection of drive rollers, nozzles and guides guarantees maximum flexibility.

In addition to overlap, coupling and strip welds, users also use the SEAMTEK 900 AT to produce hems (with or without reinforcing piping). The touchscreen display makes the SEAMTEK 900 AT easy to operate. Setting the welding parameters (temperature, air volume and speed) is intuitive and machine performance can be continuously monitored via the display.

Multi-Arm Aystem for High Flexibility when Welding Complex Shapes


For welding inflatable boats and life rafts with complex geometries, a high degree of machine flexibility is indispensable. With the SEAMTEK 900 AT, the multi-arm system takes care of this.

The pedestal arm allows the welding of overlaps, hems and piping. The quick clamping arm is used for continuous welding of pipes and strips, while the side arm is used for circular welding.

The machine is versatile in terms of equipment. This allows us to work efficiently and meet the individual requirements of our clients. The adjustable guides, quick tensioning arm, tape guide rollers that keep the tape tensioned and other optional extras mean we can handle even the most complex welds with ease, explains Francesco Giannini enthusiastically.

The additional features of the SEAMTEK 900 AT also include a special software version that enables the welding machine to be adapted to the requirements of Industry 4.0. This adaptation results in advantages in terms of control. The machine is controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC), connected to the company’s data network. This allows the welding parameters to be constantly monitored and data to be reconciled with the individual production batches. Formulas or welding parameters can also be changed thanks to the connection to the company’s computers.

Easy Parameter Setting

Setting the parameters is also very simple thanks to the user-friendly interface, Francesco Giannini continues. Once set, the SEAMTEK 900 AT allows you to work at high speed while maintaining high levels of productivity, shortening processing times and guaranteeing smooth welding.

Everyone working with the SEAMTEK 900 AT at Aero Sekur appreciates the versatility and reliability of this welding machine from Leister. Thanks to the nozzles and rollers, available in widths from 8 to 64 mm, they can weld a wide range of different materials with the SEAMTEK 900 AT, whether it’s thin plastic sheets and technical fabrics for clothing or thicker plastic membranes for tarpaulins, tents and protective covers.

Leister Plastic Welding Solutions are in Demand Worldwide

Aero Sekur has joined a long list of successful companies that use Leister solutions for plastic welding. They particularly appreciate the effectiveness of Leister products and their significant contribution to process productivity.

We would like to thank Aero Sekur for the successful collaboration and trust in our products. All the best for the future.