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We support your laser plastic welding efforts for your company. This means that we provide you with advice for your specific application - from design to the optimum welding process and machine installation.

Partnerships after installation

We are always here for you, even after the installation has been completed. Besides our direct support, our service team offers regular maintenance on the systems. We're here to support you with new applications, as well as optimizing existing applications

Welding concepts and testing

Leister engineers have developed many different laser welding concepts in our own laboratory that have been been very successful. This enables us to find a tailored solution for almost every challenge in laser plastic welding. We’re here to advise you on the right laser welding process suited for your task. Our technical specialists support your engineers with weldability tests to help them select the optimal material or your designers to determine a joining geometry suitable for the material and process.

Application laboratory for laser process and material tests

Rental equipment for tests or as temporary solution

Support in the design and selection of the suitable joining geometry

Service at a glance

Our Customer Support offers you various services to ensure that you can operate your laser welding systems in a long-term, cost-effective and efficient manner. In order to meet as many of our customers' needs as possible, our services have a modular structure.

Service focus: Production

These services focus on maintaining operations and minimizing production downtime:

  • Assembly, commissioning at the customer's premises
  • Helpdesk for telephone support in case of malfunctions via (1st Level Support)
  • technical support for more detailed analyses (2nd level support) with R&D (3rd level support)
  • Sending a service technician
  • Remote access for remote diagnosis and corrections
  • Express delivery of spare parts
  • Repairs
  • preventive maintenance, inspection, calibration
  • general overhaul and modernization of the system, update and upgrade of components
  • Exchange service for used parts
  • Production support in case of problems during operation, after commissioning or with a new operator
Service focus: Increase in efficiency

In effort to enable efficient production with our systems, we support you with the following services:

  • Maintenance contracts with defined services and response times
  • Training courses to impart theoretical and practical knowledge about operation, maintenance, setup, calibration, spare parts, etc.
  • Proposal of an individual basic package of spare parts for new plants, so that anything needed is available on short notice
  • Taking over all activities during machine relocations - from shutdown to recommissioning
your contact
Carsten Wenzlau

Carsten Wenzlau works as Head of the Laser Plastic Welding Business Line at Leister Technologies AG. He is the appropriate contact person for the laser plastic welding product range. Carsten advises customers on the appropriate laser system for their specific application.


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